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10 facts about Luke’s Lobster, the popular seafood fast casual restaurant

If you’re not from the East Coast, then you might not know of Luke’s Lobster. Started in New York City, the small storefront has expanded into a medium-sized chain to be reckoned with.

Keep your eye on Luke’s Lobster — a fast casual restaurant looking to bring reasonably-priced and quality lobster rolls to the masses. Here’s 10 facts that you might not know about the growing seafood eatery popping up around the country.

  1. Despite making $150,000/year in investment banking, Luke Holden felt uninspired by his finance job and his restlessness to do something different was the impetus in starting Luke’s Lobster.
  2. Luke and Ben Conniff are the co-founders and when they started Luke’s Lobster, they were just 25 and 24 years old, respectively.
  3. The craziest fact might be that the two co-founders met on Craigslist when Luke was looking for a business partner for his new business.
  4. Luke’s Lobster’s co-founders knew very little about lobsters — that knowledge that formed the foundation of their company came from his family — mainly Luke’s father, whom spent 30 years as a Maine lobsterman.
  5. The seafood that’s served in their 20 locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Boston aren’t sourced locally from those cities, but are shipped in from fishermen in Massachusetts, Maine, and Quebec. Yes, real Maine lobster (most of the time)!
  6. The first Luke’s Lobster opened in the East Village in 2009. That same location is still open today at 93 E. 7th Street, New York, NY 10009.
  7. The company is slowly expanding from the East Coast to the West — having already opened a location in Las Vegas with another storefront opening in San Francisco.
  8. There aren’t just locations in the United States, but there are international locations in Japan and Taiwan!
  9. In the business’ first chaotic year, Luke’s father would drive halfway from Maine to New York City with a car-full of lobsters delivering them to one of the co-founders, who would take it the rest of the way.
  10. In 2017, Luke’s Lobster produced approximately $30 million in sales and has nearly 500 employees across their 30 locations.

For more, check out Luke’s official website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or download their app for Apple’s iOS  or Android to join their loyalty program — and earn rewards like earning $10 for every five Luke’s Lobster visits. Luke’s is bringing traceable, sustainable lobster, crab, clams, and shrimp to seafood-lovers across the country (and around the world), so you can enjoy your rolls without the guilt.

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