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Stim Social Review: Does It Actually Work?

UPDATE January 2020: You shouldn’t believe the rumors that Stim Social “has been shut down” (though it did struggle with some of Instagram’s updates) the site that mentioned this isn’t an honorable website and is clearly promoting a competing service. As of January 2020, Stim Social is working. Keep reading for our full Stim Social evaluation.

You don’t have to be famous to be Insta-famous. You know what I mean. There are countless famous profiles that are well-known on the platform but aren’t celebrities in the traditional sense. You probably wouldn’t recognize Desi Perkins, Pietro Boselli, Murad Osmann, India Westbrooks or Ulzzang Park HyungSuk, but they’re definite “influencers” with millions of followers each.

There are thousands of apps that boast about improving one’s Instagram visibility. For as many of these apps, platforms and services as they are, they all fall into one of two buckets.

1) the ones that increase your numbers artificially

2) the ones that actually increase your counts legitimately

We’ve tested and tried no fewer than a dozen of these apps and for the most part, they weren’t great. The good news is that there’s a few great ones.

Stim Social Review: Does It Work?

Where does Stim Social fall on that spectrum?? After six months of use, I am happy to report that Stim Social falls into the former category we discussed above. Stim is a legitimate social tool that does a fantastic job marketing one’s Instagram profile with real engagement. Over time, I’ve gained three thousand real Instagram followers — all real and organic!

Try a Stim Social free trial now.

By looking at their website’s homepage, you can’t really tell how the company is so successfully improving Insta-visibility — and that’s okay. They clearly have a great thing going so why give up their trade secrets on their homepage?

That said, we won’t go into the details either, I’ll leave that up to you to you look into the who, what, where and how.  All we can say is that the company does a terrific job marketing Instagram profile posts to real humans.

This in turns improves one’s influence, increasing traffic views, attracting potentially new likes and followers, and potentially converting those users into followers (and product sales if you’re a brand).

Summary: As advertises. Simple to use. Five Stars. We need more Stim Socials out there. Try a free trial using this link here.

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  • Gaby commented on September 7, 2018 Reply

    have you actually used StimSocial before reviewing it? for some reason your instagram is showing 50 followers…surely if you used the app, you would have a few 100s by now

  • Lisa commented on September 20, 2018 Reply

    Sounds like a paid review to me, I actually used it and I find it nothing useful, every couple of days your followers suddenly drop by hundreds, then goes back up by the same amount and this on repeat. Compared to when I started using them I’ve gotten about 100 new followers, and this is a 15k follower account I’m talking about

    • stuart commented on September 20, 2018 Reply

      Not at all. Nothing is paid here. Stim Social helped me gain 3000 followers in six months. There’s a lot of considerations that help/hinder engagement not to mention how you choose to use the platform will also impact the efficacy. Every account is different, so hard to compare why I’ve seen improvement and you didn’t.

    • Shan commented on October 5, 2018 Reply

      Agreed with Lisa. I am not certain how valuable it is after spending a lot of money with them.

  • Ahkira commented on December 18, 2018 Reply

    Stun social definitely helps you gain real organic followers & interactions. So they’ve done they’re job but your job is to have a page of content worth continuing the follow. I’ve gains almost 3k followers myself in less then 6 months. So your page must suck sorry to say.

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