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Zara pushing monochrome outfits for their 2018 men’s fall collection

We just got an email from Zara announcing the new season looks. and the look for company’s Autumn collection is taking a step away from the bold statement pieces of the previous season. Zara looks to be going monochrome for their 2018 men’s fall collection. Monochromatic colors and tones that makes subtle transitions into the new season. We’re (and they’re) talking light blues, grays, creams, browns and other calm colors.

Here’s a look at their PERL knit sweaters in orange and purple.

That’s not all. Zara is introducing dozens of new items for their monochromatic theme: Super skinny suits and pants. Tailored denim jackets. Sateen printed shirts. Long sleeve knit polos. Discover Zara’s new men’s collection for fall 2018 here. Check out this post if you’re wondering when their big annual Fall/Winter sale is happening.

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