The great thing about MoviePass... | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min The great thing about MoviePass... | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

The great thing about MoviePass…

Before MoviePass, my partner was getting discounted movie tickets from work. Before that, I’d buy the AMC ticket pack from costco so that I wouldn’t have to pay upwards of $14 per movie. I love movies, but with the amount of streaming options there are, waiting for a film to be released on Netflix, or Hulu, or AmazonPrime (to name a few), is perfectly fine by me. Because of this way of thinking, movie-going became reserved for events, mainly for blockbusters like anything Marvel related, or the elite critically acclaimed films that were nominated for an Oscar. Anything else, I’d patiently wait to eventually watch it from my laptop in the comfort of my apartment.

I’ve crossed over to MoviePass and love it.

It’s unfortunate that it took something like moviepass to get me going to the theater more frequently, but in an age where consuming film and television has become as cheap and convenient as making dinner at home, I scale it back to fit accordingly into my budget.

Some great things about MoviePass…

It’s cheap! Depending on when you sign up, your membership fee may vary. And it changes often.

For me, I signed up during a period where my *quarterly fee* (every 3 months) cost $29.95. This means, if I watch minimum 3 movies in a 3 month span, my membership has essentially paid for itself. That’s one movie a month. To start, I already go to the movies at least once a month, so already I know my membership is paying for itself.

Because of this… MoviePass is getting more people, myself included, into theaters and watching more films. Before, where I’d quickly decide I’d pass on seeing a film in theaters because I could justify waiting a few months to stream it online, I’m now more likely to see it in the theater as it was originally intended to be viewed. Going to the movies, now with MoviePass, requires less of an event, and if there’s a film I haven’t seen yet, I’m more willing to give it my attention without immediately putting it off.

What this means for the future of movie-going and how we consume film and television, I’m not sure… but right now, MoviePass is offering some pretty cheap options to watch some great movies. I recommend you hop on board and get your fix now while you still can.

With their current business model, many doubt how much longer MoviePass will last.
But one thing is for sure, cheap is cheap. And if it works for your budget, get on it. If anything, the prices will only increase. But if you get in sooner, rather than later, you’ll be locked in at whatever deal you get.

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