Scenes: 25 Infinity War GIFs from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (part II) | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min Scenes: 25 Infinity War GIFs from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (part II) | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Scenes: 25 Infinity War GIFs from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (part II)

It’s several weeks since Avengers: Infinity War was released on April 27th — so do I really need to mention that this post contains spoilers? You likely got here by searching for GIFs from the movie or came here from our first post with 30+ GIFs from the first half of the movie, so the assumption is that if you’re reading this,  you’ve already seen Infinity War? If not, well… THERE’S A WHOLE LOT OF SPOILERS COMING UP

Scene 6: Black Panther Welcomes Avengers to Wakanda

Although they’ve met before, this is still a really cool scene post-Black Panther movie. Considering that Black Panther is considered by many (including Kevin Feige) as Marvel’s best movie and was a cultural touch point added weight to this short but important scene.

It’s really great to see Captain America and team as the guests and as peers to Black Panther, Okoye, and the Wakandans whereas T’Challa (no matter how great he was) wasn’t nearly on the  level he is now when he appeared in Captain America: Civil War.

Scene 7: Guardians meet Stark, Strange and Spiderman on Titan

After defeating Ebony Maw on his ship, Dr. Strange, Tony Stark and Peter Parker crash land onto Titan where they are quickly ambushed by Peter Quill, Drax, and Mantis. Because Parker, Strange and Stark crash landed inside one of Thano’s donut ships, the Guardians mistake the trio as Thanos’ henchmen and go on the attack. Ultimately it ends up as a stalemate where they realize that Starlord is from Earth, the Guardians know Thor and that Stark, Parker and Strange are a part of the Avengers.

The next scene has the two groups coming together (after some  hatching a plan to figure out how to take out Thanos.

As Drax, Mantis, Spiderman, Iron Man and Starlord exchange looks, digs and jokes as they try to collaborate on the best route to taking down the Titan, Mantis notices that Dr. Strange is behaving oddly. “Does your friend always do that?”

In this critical scene, Strange is looking into alternate future scenarios as to see how the good guys can come out on top. Presumably, he looks at 14,000,501 possible chances with only one of those where the Avengers and Guardiands come out on top over Thanos. Not good odds. Not good odds, at all.

Nebula Escapes

This is more a mini-scene than a full-blown one, but it’s critical for the rest of the movie (and Avengers 4). Nebula is still being suspended in mid-air as the hostage of her father Thanos. Once alone with a guard, she easily ambushes him and escapes. Then making a distress call to Mantis.

Scene 8: Thor, Rocket and Groot Arrive on Nidavellir

Team Thor arrives on Nidavellir in hopes of forming a new God-killing weapon to take on Thanos.

When they near Nidavellir, Thor realizes something’s wrong. The normally thriving planet and it’s rings are completely dark. When Thor, Rocket and Groot set foot on the planet to investigate, they are almost immediately attacked by a large creature which turns our to be a 20-foot Peter Dinklage as Eitri.

Eitri explains to the trio that Thanos laid waste to his planet, leaving Eitri as the sole remaining dwarf on the planet. Thor explains that Asgard couldn’t defend Nidavellir, one of the nine realms of Asgard, as Thanos did similarly bad things to his people. Thor then goes to convince Eitri that they need his help creating a new weapon — one that would help defeat Thanos and potentially summon the Bi-Frost.

Eitri agrees, but explains to Thor that they need to fire up a gigantic space forge, powered by the heat of a star, so that the material will melt into the mold of the eventual-Stormbreaker. Seeing no other choice, Thor agrees to start up the forge and also hold open the eye so the heat of the star can do it’s work. In short, it nearly kills Thor, but not before the Stormbreaker is nearly complete.

All they needed was a handle to manage the fresh-out-of-the-oven Stormbreaker so they could put it into Thors hands and rejuvenate him. Up until now, Groot has been glued to his video games, but this is where Groot steps up; using his powers to form the Stormbreaker handle.

Scene 9: Battle on Titan

This is without a doubt my favorite battle scene in the whole movie. I’m a sucker for disparate heroes that have been at-odds coming together for one cause. On Titan, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Starlord, Spiderman, Mantis and Drax put their action into plan.

Setting off this scene is Thanos arriving on Titan and is welcomed by Strange with a “Yeah, you’re more a Tnanos.” The Mad Titan goes on about his goal of balancing a universe before it inevitably leads a battle.

The heroes have the element of surprise on their side. When Strange says “You’ll find our will just a strong” (paraphrasing), Thanos realizes that he’s not just taking on the Sorcerer Supreme when Iron Man drops a building on Thanos’ head.

Realizing that probably just “pissed him off” Star-Lord pops into action; charging Thanos and plopping one of his magnetic charges onto the Titan’s body. And right before the bomb explodes, Quill looks at Thanos, gives him the middle finger, says “BOOM” as the charge explodes and escapes by falling backwards into one of Strange’s portals.

Spiderman also makes use of Strange’s portals by flying in and out of them punching and kicking Thanos, but that trick only works a few times before Thanos adapts.

As seemingly effective as this initial assault is, it’s all but a distraction so the heros can go after the real goals — threat facing half the universe – the gauntlet carrying the Infinity Stones. The next phase of attack is focused no subduing the Mad Titan and it’s well-executed.

Awesome. Doctor Strange entangles the Gauntlet presumably not allowing Thanos to fully use the powers.  Drax slides in and slices Thanos legs with his knives. Star-Lord uses some electromagnetic device to pin Thanos other arm. Spiderman encircles Thanos upper body with webbing when Iron Man flies in and starts tugging at the gauntlet. Strange then unleashes Mantis over Thanos.

When she lands on his shoulders, she uses her powers to calm Thanos; allowing the heroes to try to remove the gauntlet without the powerful Thanos struggling to escape. With Thanos chillaxing, the team works to remove the gauntlet and almost get it off when Star-Lord pisses off everyone by punching Thanos so much that he breaks Mantis’ spell on the Titan.

Now fully awake and aware, Thanos goes off. After escaping the grasp due to Star-Lord’s justifiably anger management issues, he grabs Mantis and tosses her away and easily removes the heroes from his person.

Nebula, Star-Lord and Drax regroup and attempt another attack and with the wave of his gauntlet, a power burst cuts their attack short.

Thanos isn’t playing anymore with these pests and use his gauntlet powers to enlist the moon into the battle. With the power stone, we see the moon move out of it’s orbit, slowly breaking apart and the pieces rain down into the battlefield.

As large chunks of planet come down from the heavens, Iron Man does his best to shield and protect the rest of the team from the impact. Still, the impact launches the heroes flying. Doctor Strange then engages Thanos in battle by conjuring the Images of Ikonn spell.

After a surprisingly prolonged battle Thanos disposes of Strange. Iron Man flies in for a showdown knowing he’s he’s the only thing standing between him and Thanos getting the Time Stone, so Stark unleashes all his technological tricks; going blow for blow with Thanos.

Ultimately (and inevitably), Thanos gets the upper hand. He does have a bunch of Infinity Stones, after all. The tide is clearly turning as he pummels Iron Man. Iron man recovers and tries another attack as the two grapple, Stark turns his arm into a sharp, nanotech-powered, icepick-shaped weapon. However, he’s unable to use it because Thanos breaks it off. He then turns Iron Man’s technology against him — stabbing Stark through his body with his own weapon.

“I hope they remember you”

Whether you read all the articles leading up to Infinity War (like I did) or not, most knew that deaths were coming. The vast majority of the dead pool predictions had Iron Man (or Captain America) near or at the top of the “Most Likely to Die” list. Coming into the film, those two pillars were going to bite the dust in the film and you were kinda prepared. Even with that knowledge, when Thanos stabs Stark, the scene is still quite powerful. At every viewing I attended, Thanos shoving the sharp steel into Stark elicited audible gasps.

Stark (and Robert Downey Jr.) started the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been the face of the comic book film franchise since the inception and this seemingly signaled the end of that journey.

Infinity War’s Infinity Gauntlet Scene

As mentioned above, the battle on Titan was easily the most exciting Infinity War scene for me. As someone that loved the comic book series, the battle scene best mirrors my favorite panels from the comic when the heroes’ team up in a multi-powered attack strategy in their attempt to wrestle the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos left hand. “So cool” as Thor said.

When we first started this project, it was only supposed to be one post before eventually stretching out to two posts. Obviously where we left off,  there’s plenty of movie remaining so we’ve enbiggened it  to three posts because there’s just that many cool, worthwhile GIFs and scenes to be had in  Infinity War.

Stay tuned for part three in a week.



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