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This is the best iPhone case around

For me, finding the right case to protect my devices is an on-going process. In particular, a case for my iphone. I’ve ravaged Amazon for their best most top rated cases but have always ended up disappointed with either one or any combination of my following criteria.

My ideal phone case should be:

  1. Slim so that it’s easily fits into my pocket without a hassle.
  2. Protective (obviously), but one that covers the phone well enough so that even when dropped on its face, the glass screen doesn’t hit the pavement.
  3. Durable, so that I don’t have to replace it within the calendar year.
  4. And most importantly, nice to look at. I’m a fan of cases that have graphics on it since I like symbols, imagery, playfulness, personality.

No case has ever check-marked each of these boxes until I found RedBubble.

Shop RedBubble phone cases here.

I have been using RedBubble cases for my iPhone for the last 10 years. (WOW. Typing that just blows my mind). Of course, I’ve cheated on RedBubble with other cases because I always like to *mix it up*. But after a day or two, I always come back to my RedBubble case.

I’ve gone through four iPhones during those 10 years, and consistently, RedBubble was my top choice.


Quality. Each RedBubble case I’ve had has lived on my phone for the entire duration of my having it. Which was, on average 2-3 years. Granted, around the 2+ year mark, the edges got dinged up, but not to the point where I felt I needed a replacement cover. The color of the graphic on the case lasts a great while too.

I’ve had my current iPhone 7+ phone case now for nearly 3 years. It was traveled with me around the world. I’ve had this case since I did my last phone upgrade in September 2016. (The sticker I added myself out of boredom sometime last Fall).

Individuality. RebBubble if a platform for graphic designers to contribute their designs, and users (like me) and sift through the thousands of options until I’ve found one that speaks to me. RebBubble then prints that design onto your choice of phone case (which are only available for iphones and the samsung galaxy).

Slenderness. The case doesn’t add too much weight or bulk to the phone. The rounded edges allow it to slide in and out of my pocket easily without yanking out the pocket lining of my jeans.

RedBubble also offers a variety of accessories that you can print their graphics onto, including wall-art, home decor, bags, stationary, and clothing!

If you’re looking for a new case for you’re newly upgraded iphone, RedBubble is the way to go!

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