Here's Every One of Converse's Gay Pride Shoe Collection (Gallery) Here's Every One of Converse's Gay Pride Shoe Collection (Gallery)

Gallery: All of Converse’s Gay Pride shoe collection featuring LGBTQI+, Trans designs

Last month in honor of the upcoming Gay Pride season, Converse put out a handful of template sneaker designs that users could customize to their identity and style. This month, In celebration of Pride the iconic sneaker company released a collection designed by the company itself. They’ve remixed their popular high top Chucks with bold transgender flag colors, bold lightning bolts and transgender flag-inspired colors and glitter.

Don’t forget about lots of glitter and rainbows. Many of the Trans-inspired designs feature pink and blue hits and accents all over the shoe, or in the detail of the toe, heel, patch, laces and sole. Here’s every one of the Converse’s Gay Pride collection featuring designs inspired by Stonewall, LGBTQI+, and Trans rights.


The company hopes that these sneakers honor the LGBTQI+ rights movement from all angles and every identity. The question that remains, will you want to wear this to the parade, event or party and take the chance that your new kicks will be stepped on? You won’t know until you actually have a pair.

To buy any of these, click here to view the entire Gay Pride collection from Converse.



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