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A map of all 23 Citi Bike stations with key dispensers (below 100th st.)

A couple weeks ago, I lost my Citi Bike key FOB thingy. Second time in five years. Long story short, it’s been a few weeks and still haven’t received my replacement key. In that span, I contacted Citi Bike a few times and they ultimately sent me a 12-digit code that would allow me to pick up a key fob from a Citi Bike station.

Wait what… from a station? Didn’t know that. Cool. I looked it up for more information and found this.

If you just signed up for a new Annual Membership and elected to pick up your bike key from a station kiosk, you should have received a key activation code. Visit one of the 50 stations with a key dispenser (identified by a small black bike key on the Station Map on our website) and enter your code into the kiosk to get your new bike key. You can also choose to purchase a bike key for use with a Day Pass or 3-Day Pass at any of these stations – just follow the instructions on the kiosk screen to add a key to your pass purchase.

what is that black mark?

Great! They must have to replace dozens of keys per day so it makes a lot of business sense to invest in automated technology to dispense keys as opposed to users tying up the lines and workers sending out key fobs.

So I looked at the Citi Bike station map to look for the “small black bike key” signifying a dispenser. Though I saw little block icon near some stations, it definitely wasn’t clear enough for me to recognize resolutely, so I decided to create a list of actual human-readable text. Here’s a list of all the Citi Bike docks/stations that have a key dispenser — sortable by location/neighborhood, street, and cross street.

Citi Bike Stations with Key Dispensers
Location Street Cross Street
Battery Park City South End Ave Liberty St
Battery Park South St Whitehall St
Brooklyn Bridge Peck Slip Front St
Bowling Green Little West St 1 Pl
Central Park East 5 Ave E 88 St
Central Park East 5 Ave E 93 St
Central Park South Grand Army Plaza Central Park S
Central Park South Central Park S 6 Ave
Central Park West Central Park West W 68 St
Central Park West Central Park West W 72 St
Central Park West W 82 St Central Park West
Central Park West W 82 St Central Park West
Central Park West Central Park W W 96 St
City Hall Gold St Frankfort St
Chelsea W 20 St 11 Ave
Columbus Circle Broadway W 60 St
Grand Central Pershing Square South 41st St.
Herald Square Broadway W 32 St
Lincoln Tunnel 12 Ave W 40 St
Meatpacking Washington St Gansevoort St
Union Square E 17 St Broadway

If you’re like me and live in East Village/Alphabet City/Lower East Side, you live in a dead spot when it comes to these dispensers. Depending on where you are in those neighborhoods, the closest one is either City Hall or Front Street to the South or Union Square to the North. That’s a huge swath of under served Citi Bike users. Anyways, that’ll teach me to lose my key.

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  • Terry commented on July 6, 2019 Reply

    THANK YOU for this list!

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