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Netflix’s binge worthy series DARK is renewed for second season

Looking for a series to add to your binge watching queue? If you haven’t swept through this series yet, I highly recommend you add “Dark” to your lineup. 5 months into it’s release, Dark maintains a 92% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dark is Netflix’s first German-language series release, which premiered on December 1st, 2017. Dark follow’s the small town of Winden, located beside a Nuclear Power Plant, as it’s residence experience an odd series of events that circle back in time 30 years prior, connecting the past with the present.

It’s a trippy concept, but it’s pulled off in a really sleek and clever way. If you don’t speak German, have no fear! The show is dubbed in English. At first, the dubbing feels odd at times, because you can feel the voice portrayal doesn’t quite match up with the intensity of the acting. But as you watch, you grow used to is and it becomes less noticeable.

The 10 episode first season plays through quickly, with interesting turns and reveals in each episode. What makes it so good?

The Plot.

The wormhole device creates an interesting mash up of timelines that allow for exciting twists in the story. I also like how the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster plays into the narrative as an explanation as to how the wormhole may have been created. The season is littered with subtle references that build the world without beating you over the head with exposition.

The Mood.

The show creates and maintains an ominous mood that feels unlike any other show on Netflix. It pulls you into this small sleepy town and drags you along each characters journey. The cinematography is beautiful, with its lingering shots that help to create tension, and the aerial footage that shows how secluded the town is. It’s breathtaking.

I look forward to season 2, which was renewed by Netflix on December 20th 2017. There’s speculation that it will return in 2019, though nothing official as been confirmed about when it will return.

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