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These are the 6 ingredients in Trader Joe’s “Everything Bagel” seasoning

Trader Joe’s is awesome and has been kinda awesome for a long time now. And they continue to be awesome by continually putting out tasty, quality, mostly-healthy food products at an affordable price point. So what else you want?

Everything, you answer? Well, they can do that too. Thanks to uncle Joe, we can have Everything now, but the Bagel in the form of Everything but the Bagel seasoning. Apparently announced and found in stores last year sometime, I just discovered it myself a couple months ago and am a bit obsessed with the blend.

What Ingredients are in ‘Everything But the Bagel Seasoning’?

The seasoning has been a huge hit. Mostly because “why didn’t we think of that” and because the seasoning is a healthy option of adding some zing to an otherwise bland dish like eggs, popcorn, or potatoes. Healthy, eh? So what’s in Trader Joe’s new seasoning?

Well, it’s the usual ingredients you would find on top of an everything bagel at your local deli or bagel joint:

    • white sesame seeds
    • black sesame seeds
    • poppy seeds
    • dried garlic
    • dried onion
    • sea salt flakes

Yep that’s it. All for $1.99 (as of this post). You never realized that everything wasn’t that much, right?

The 2.3 ounce little bottle serves up 65 servings of the Everything blend at just 5 calories per service. Meaning that if you poured the entire bottle onto your healthy salad, roasted vegetables, yogurt or other uses, it would add approximately “only” 325 calories to your dish. Not that you would do that, but we’re just trying to make a point that the ingredients are so healthy, but packed with flavor that we’re not surprised it’s a huge hit.

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