Zara makes bold statements with "Flash of Colour" for new 18′ Men's Autumn line | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Zara makes bold statements with “Flash of Colour” for new 18′ Men’s Autumn line

With affordable price points and two annual sales that makes all the boys come to the yard, Zara is sitting pretty at the intersection of high-fashion at reasonable prices. With Zara you can reinvent your looks with the latest trends in men’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Discover seasonal pieces in a range of styles and fits, updated weekly. That’s fast fashion.

The Spanish-based retailer maintains the idea that despite their lower prices, that they’re on the edge of fashion trends and looks. Their emails and website put out many editorial looks mirroring fashion houses around the world, at a much lower price tag. We’ve been a fan for a decade now. Zara’s always taken care of a severely under served accessible men’s fashion demographic. Gander Zara’s most recent releases continuing their trend of big, bold colors in their 2018 Autumn 2018 collection.

For more from Zara’s new collection including the above lapel coat and Martian Manhunter t-shirt, check out their new bold “Flash of Colour” collection here.

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