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The best way to win tickets to Shakespeare in the park NYC…

This past week, some friends and I tried out the Public Theater in-person lottery system to get tickets to Othello, playing at Shakespeare in the Park. It was fantastic!

There are a bunch of Broadway lottery systems to try your hand in to win free or discounted tickets to some pretty great Broadway shows. For instance, todaytix has a lottery system that you can enter into daily. But for now, we’ll focus on The Public theater, and an easy way to score yourself some tickets for Shakespeare in the park.

You can view their upcoming performances here!

If you haven’t yet been to a Shakespeare in the park, rest assure, you do not have to wait hours in the sun to get a good seat on a lawn… Many think that’s how it will work, but it’s actually just like any other broadway show… only this one is set at an outdoor theater (Delacorte Theater) in Central Park.

Delacorte Theater on Google Maps

How to play…

Step 1 – If you don’t already have a Membership Id Card, go here to create one. You’ll need this in order to play. It takes a minute to set up.

Step 2 – Arrive at The Public Theater (google maps) by 11:50AM and check in with the attendant. They’ll ask to see your Membership Card and then they’ll give you a ticket.

Step 3 – At 12pm they’ll begin drawing winners. They choose A LOT of winners. When I went, they drew everyone who showed up, which was roughly 50 people. They may not always pick everyone or this many, but know your chances are pretty high when you go in.

If you’ve won your tickets… which I hope you have (good luck!), they’ll give you a voucher. Each winning ticket receives a voucher for 2 seats at the show. So if you bring friends with you to the lottery drawing, your chances multiply by two.

You’ll have between 5pm-7:30pm to retrieve your actual tickets. To do this, you must arrive in person to Delacorte Theater to exchange your voucher for the tickets.

If you won tickets with some friends, you assign one person from your group to take the vouchers and retrieve your groups tickets all at once. The earlier you go, the more likely you’ll be able to get seats all together.

Show starts at 8pm. You can BYOB and BYOF (bring your own food). Just no glass items.


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