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World Pride Shirts: Here’s 27 Gay Pride Shirts to Celebrate Pride Month 2019

Walking around New York City this past month, it seems as if every big business and well-known brand is celebrating Pride this year. We can’t tell if it’s because of a broader acceptance of LGBTQI people, they recognize that there’s money to be made, or both.

If you walk by any major brand’s storefront or well-known franchise this June, their windows will be likely decked out in rainbows. From Nike to Target, Macy’s to The Gap. The problem with these big corporations jumping into Pride is bittersweet; one it’s great that they are being progressive, on the other hand, most of the shit they put out is corny and wack.

Here’s 32 Gay Pride Shirts You’ll Be Proud to Wear for World Pride

When the prominent logo for gay pride being a rainbow, things can get real tacky really quick. That’s why we decided to curate the internet and provide the LGBTQI masses with gay pride t-shirts, tank tops, shoes and other items that are still colorful while keeping it cool, queer and classy. Out and proud doesn’t have to mean tasteless and these Gay Pride month and World Pride t-shirts prove that out. To get one, click on the image to go to that specific shirt.

World Pride 2019 Rainbow PRIDE Commemorative Shirt (available in 20 colors)

World Pride Rainbow Teddy Bear T-Shirt (from TeePublic)

Converse Transgender Pride Lightning Bolt T-Shirt in White (Gay Pride Collection)

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re most impressed by Converse’s Pride Collection. There’s not one tacky piece in the dozen of items that the company has created. We’ve included several of the items in our list, so you scroll down or you can go straight (ahem) to Converse’s rainbow and trans-inspired collection.

Deep Squat, Penis T-Shirt by RageOn!

WORLD PRIDE New York City 2019 Rainbow Lettering T-Shirt (Purple, available in multiple colors)

Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary Gay Pride T-Shirt

Hashtag Gay Faded White Tee (by RageOn!)

WORLD PRIDE 2019 “Proud” T-Shirt  (TeePublic, multiple colors available)

Stonewall Commemorative T-Shirt “Stonewall Uprising” World Pride Shirt (White, but available in many colors)

Naughty T-Shirt Booty Hole Pride Shirt by RageOn!

WORLD PRIDE New York City 2019 Rainbow Lettering T-Shirt (multiple colors available)

Super Gay Batman/ POC Superman Kiss Tank Top (by RageOn!)

World Pride Shirt: Marsha B. Johnson Stonewall Riot “Rainbow Brick” T-Shirt

Converse Rainbow Wave Black T-Shirt with Pocket

Pride 2019 LOVE PRIDE T-shirt  (TeePublic)

Gay Replica NFL Football Jersey (Fanatics)

World PRIDE New York City 2019 Commemorative T-Shirt (in 18 more colors) 

Converse Rainbow Flag Boxy T-Shirt (Gay Pride Collection)

A Plain and Simple PRIDE White T-Shirt for Pride Month 2019

Gay Pride Golden Girls Rainbow T-Shirt (TeePublic)

WE ARE ALL HUMAN Gay Pride T-Shirt (TeePublic 2019)

Commemorative T-Shirt “Stonewall Uprising” World Pride Tee (TeePublic)

Rainbow Pride Cheesecake Boy Tank Top

A Plain and Simple PRIDE T-Shirt in Black (TeePublic Pride Collection)

Gays for Peace – Peace for Gay Pride T-Shirt by RageOn!

WORLD PRIDE 2019 “Proud” T-Shirt  (in 22 more colors)

Converse Gay Pride Rainbow Fannypack (Pride Collection ’19)

Why Celebrate Pride Month?

Like many other events, Pride has lost much of its meaning. Pride isn’t seen as an the critical event that launched the contemporary Gay Liberation Movement, but as a great excuse to turn up and party. And that’s okay, too as long as one knows their history,  Here’s why those that identify as LGBTQ and their allies celebrate Gay Pride and World Pride in June.

Every June is recognized as Pride Month. It’s set for the sixth month of the year because it commemorates the Stonewall Riots that occurred in New York City on June 28, 1969. Fifty Years later, millions will descend into New York City for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising for World Pride 2019.

When patrons of the Stonewall Inn, mostly POCs, Trans Women, and Drag Queens, fought back during yet another police raid, that night became the most-visible milestone and was widely credited for being the catalyst for the modern-day LGBTQ rights movement. P.S. it had nothing to do with Judy Garland.

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