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The Marker in San Francisco is a great hotel, but beware of add-on fees

First off, if you’re thinking of booking The Marker hotel online, you should be aware of the “Amenities Fee” otherwise known in other hotels as a “Resort Fee” which is charged per accommodation, per night.

If you’re booking through or Expedia, these add-on surcharges aren’t very noticeable unless you look deep into the hotel details or have time to read the reviews.

Now onto the review: The Marker is actually a great boutique hotel in San Francisco’s Union Square area. The hotel has excellent ratings on both TripAdvisor (4.5) and (4.3). When you first walk into the lobby, you can see why. The lobby is huge and connected on both sides to a restaurant and their “Living Room”. The decor is modern and the service is really good.

For San Francisco standards, the room I was in (queen bed) was pretty large. The location is great — it’s just a couple blocks or so away from Union Square and Powell Street Station.

I’d love to give this hotel a full five stars based on the size of the rooms, the amenities, service, and price, but I can’t bring myself to do so. Their fee wasn’t insignificant either, it was approximately 15% of my rooms price. Not to mention that here’s something underhanded when hotels sneakily add in “Resort Fees” after you’ve completed your payment online.

The Marker Hotel
501 Geary Street
San Francisco, 94102

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