Google Flights updates website design, adds "Flight Insights" (Beta*) | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Google Flights updates website design, adds “Flight Insights” (Beta*)

Did you notice that Google Flights is testing a new beta version of their website? If you go and search a flight on Google today, you might notice a module on the lower right hand corner that announces “The new Google Flights has landed!”

Not only is the layout a lot different, but the biggest difference is the ability to visually see the differences in prices depending on the date, price trends throughout the year for the same flight, different airports, and Google is giving more space to their homegrown travel guides. For example, here’s their destination guide to Puerto Princesa.

We’re not sure how much more new information is included in this update, but we love the new changes. The new setup is color-coded, formatted in graphs and maps that allow you to not only get to the information quicker, but so you can process and digest the insights much faster. We’re excited that Google Flights is much more visual – it’s already our favorite flight search engine, and it’s gotten better with this upcoming update.

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