Don't miss these 10 destinations during your Dubai honeymoon | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min Don't miss these 10 destinations during your Dubai honeymoon | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Don’t miss these 10 destinations during your Dubai honeymoon

You’re not alone in considering to have your honeymoon in Dubai. Depending on what you like to do on your perfect holiday, Dubai can provide a lot of fun and romantic honeymoon destinations for couples.  Couples will enjoy a fast-paced, modern cosmopolitan city with no shortage of glitz, shopping, glamour and excitement.

10 Spots to Enjoy In a Dubai Honeymoon

1. Burj Khalifa We simply cannot complete this list without including the largest tower in the world, if only because it is visible from almost every point in the city and it is impossible to pass by anyway. A skyscraper with a height of 823 meters was built in record time – over 6 years; it was built day and night. Now the tower is the center of the business district of Dubai. Inside the complex are located the Armani Hotel (from the 1st to the 39th floor), apartments, offices, and shopping centers.

On the 124th floor of the Burj, there’s an observation deck where a high-speed elevator delivers tourists every 6 minutes. From it, the city is similar to Google maps, but in good weather, you can see even the most remote areas of Dubai. Two floors below is At.mosphere, the tallest restaurant in the world and the most visited. If you could not buy tickets for the observation deck of the tower in advance, it will be cheaper to book a table in the restaurant.

2. Modhesh World Located on an area of 37,000 square meters at the Airport Expo Dubai Exhibition Center, Modhesh World is divided into more than forty thematic areas and is one of the main entertainment centers in Dubai.

In addition to a huge amusement park (mainly for children), they organized a scooter area, a 4D cinema, a mini zoo, as well as an area based on the most popular game for smartphones – Angry Birds Park where characters come to life, and you can temporarily reincarnate into one of them.

3. Ski Dubai The first ski complex in the Middle East is located under the roof of Mall of Emirates. Refrigeration units here maintain a temperature of -1 °. Despite the seeming absurdity of the event, the infrastructure of the park was taken quite seriously: for example, there is a 90-meter quarter pipe for snowboarders, a winter freestyle park and a small slide for training novice athletes.

For those who see snow for the first time (and this is quite common in Dubai), Snow Park has been designed for people who want to build a snowman or play snowballs. Two years ago, Ski Dubai sheltered a colony of subantarctic and king penguins and allows everyone to chat with them “live.”

4. Restaurant Ossiano The restaurant recognized this year as the “Best Seafood Restaurant” is located in one of Dubai’s largest hotels, Atlantis. The classic interior with an admixture of fashionable neon is successfully complemented by a giant aquarium, where multi-colored marine reptiles of all stripes swim, including reef sharks.

The food at Ossiano is worthy of the great local cuisine; the Santi Santamaria chef has two Michelin stars. As the main dishes, you will be offered lobster, Gilardo oysters, sea bass, blue lobster with mushrooms, crispy monkfish, and beef tenderloin. The average bill will be 250 euros per person (excluding alcohol). If you want to know how to get your crush to notice you, then how about a joint trip to Dubai?

5. Dubai Mall The most popular mall in Dubai, where you can buy everything from a needle to an airplane, is located next to the Burj Khalifa Tower. “Everything that you desire” is not just another advertising slogan of a shopping center, but the real truth of life. The number of stores here is off the charts, and getting around them all in one day is impossible. Among the attractions are the Dubai Aquarium, the 3D cinema and ice rink, as well as the amusement parks KidZania and the SEGA Republic.

6. Deira One of the historical areas of the city, located on the right bank of Creek Bay, divides Dubai into two parts. On the surface of the water calmly coexist ancient Arab boats, unpretentious water minibusses, and sophisticated yachts of local businessmen. You can ride on everything except the latter. In Deira, the guide will show you two relatively ancient buildings – the Al Ahmadiyya School, built in 1912, and the Heritage House, built in 1890, next to it. The rest are all new. In this area is the famous Dubai Gold Souq (“Gold Market”) with all kinds of decorations. Bargaining is a must!

7. Madinat Jumeirah This is an elite resort near the man-made island Palm Jumeirah. Here you can feel yourself, finally, in the east. The hotels and villas, designed in the style of Arabian houses with courtyards, are connected by a canal, all this is very reminiscent of Venice.

The grounds include the traditional Souk Madinat Market, a nightclub, the Madinat Arena outdoor amphitheater a favorite wedding venue in Dubai according to a post at and the luxurious Madinat Theater Hall. There are also 40 world-class restaurants, bars, and lounges, each of which is distinguished by its decor, cuisine, and atmosphere. We recommend the Shimmers restaurant overlooking the Persian Gulf and the legendary Burj Al Arab sailing hotel or the Mexican restaurant and bar Tortuga with 20 types of Margarita cocktail on the menu.

8. The Mall of Emirates This huge shopping complex has been on the crest of popularity since its opening. Inside it are the Cinestar Cinema, many gaming establishments, bowling alleys, and also a myriad of shops. Among them, there are both local trade brands and representative offices of well-known companies like Borders, Debenhams, Zara, and even Harvey Nichols. Among the brands are presented both budget options, for example, H&M, and Phat Farm, as well as Versace, D&G, Ferragamo, and others.

9. Omnia Gourmet The new establishment from the ex-chef of Roman Abramovich Sylvanas Rowe focuses on atypical Dubai food – raw food and vegan dishes. Among the images of peacocks, lush greenery hanging from the ceiling, cozy atmosphere, with high backs, wicker chairs, and tables inlaid with butterflies it is easy to forget that you are in the East.

The menu brings you back though; it emphasizes Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine using natural ingredients. Salads combine tofu, goji berries, and beets. As for the main dishes, their specialty is the chicken in orange sauce. A hit among desserts is a raspberry cheesecake without sugar and gluten.

10. Merkato Mall Although this center is smaller than the Emirates or Dubai Mall, it deserves special attention due to its architecture. The interior and exterior are made in the Renaissance style. The courtyard of this shopping center resembles Italian streets with characteristic windows and balcony arches. Brand boutiques, company shops of almost all European chains, cafes, and restaurants have very successfully fit into the medieval interior.

We love Dubai because it reminds us of a contemporary, classier Las Vegas with a dash of culture.

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