Today in Racism: Reagan Called African Diplomats "Monkeys," and Nixon Laughed

Today in Racism: Ronald Reagan referred to African Politicians as “monkeys,” and Nixon laughed

Today in racism (August 01, 2019) On a phone call with President Richard Nixon, the then California Governor Ronald Reagan referred to Africans Diplomats as “monkeys”.  How did the President of the United States respond? Nixon simplylaughed reports The Atlantic. Here’s what you need to know in a paragraph:

The day after the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China, then–California Governor Ronald Reagan phoned President Richard Nixon at the White House and vented his frustration at the delegates who had sided against the United States. “Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan said. “Yeah,” Nixon interjected. Reagan forged ahead with his complaint: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon gave a huge laugh.

The audio was only released after Tim Naftali, a history professor at NYU and the former director of the Nixon Presidential Library, put in work to get the audio released. Naftali also wrote article for The Atlantic.

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