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PUMA x Porsche Design Collab is Elevated Sportswear at its Best

The Puma is fast, reaching top land speeds of 50 MPH, and so are Porsches. So it only makes sense for the two German companies to work together. In a new collaboration between PUMA and Porsche, the two came together in elevating the sportswear with a modern, clean look.

From the looks of the two’s co-branded sneakers, apparel, and accessories, this is most-definitely one of  our favorite PUMA collaborations to date.


Take a look at the PUMA x Porsche Design collab.

“Porsche elevates [the collaboration] to a more sophisticated consumer, maybe a little bit older than what we would normally go after,” Bjørn Gulden PUMA’s CEO told High Snobiety. And the design collaboration definitely works both directions. “We are also targeting some younger customers that are on the edge between regular sportswear and premium lifestyle,” says Dr. Jan Becker, the CEO of Porsche Design.

The two big name brands first got into a room in 2018 to work on what they hope to be a long-term partnership, worked up some designs and ultimately unveiled their first collection together at a Berlin launch event in 2019.

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