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Worthwhile, affordable Indian fare at Ahimsa Garden

Ahimsa Garden opened back in August 2017, and this small, unassuming restaurant on East 10th has been putting out really tasty food for half a year before we tried it.

In two separate trips to Ahimsa Garden the last week, we had the Gobi Manchurian, the Mysore Masala Dosa, Bengan Bartha, the Pondicherry Dosa, and a couple different naans. Every dish we’ve had were fantastic and more than reasonably-priced. Also, the food is so tasty, hearty and filling, that it makes one forget it’s a vegetarian restaurant.

I think that says a lot about a restaurant when you’d repeat-eat each dish you tried without pause. That’s batting .1000.

For the price, you’d forgive Ahimsa if they erred on service or atmosphere, but they deliver on that too. Ahimsa Garden’s service was really friendly and the atmosphere warm and cozy — a perfect dinner place for a chill Sunday or Tuesday night with a couples friends or lovers.

Despite two Indian restaurants around the corner from me (Old Monk and Desi Galli), I’m more than happy to walk past them and the extra block to Ahimsa Garden.

Ahimsa Garden
265 E. 10th St.
between Avenue A and First Avenue.
New York, NY 10009

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