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Uncle Boons Group Dining option is great for parties of 8 or more

Finding a restaurant in the city for a group dinner can be a challenge. And it’s not always easy to get a reservation at a popular place, especially a Friday or Saturday dinner reservation.

Last week, I was putting together a small group dinner to celebrate my friend’s birthday. One of our favorite restaurants in NYC is Uncle Boon’s. Already a tough place to get a table, there weren’t any reservations available on their website. This is true for most hot spots in the city, specially when you’re looking for the same week. And so we decided we’d go the more formal Group Reservation route, and boy was it worth it!

For any reservation with 8 or more people, Uncle Boons offers Group Dining. A pre-selected dinner option served family style.

How does it work?

Depending on the size of your group, you get to select from one of their fixed menus. For a group between 8-14, pricing ranges between $55-$65 per person. They portion the meal by headcount, so confirming your guests is important. In order to secure your reservation, you must pay a $150 deposit. This deposit is later applied to your bill’s total so you aren’t paying any additional fee for the group reservation.

You have a 24 hour minimum to update your reservation headcount, otherwise you will be charged for the original total you initially request. 20% gratuity is automatically charged to the bill at the end of your meal.

For groups larger than 14, they offer buy-out options.

Each meal plan comes with a full 3-course meal. Appetizers, main entrees, sides, and desert! We also tacked on a few pitchers of their cocktails to share with our group. A pitchers serves about 4-6 people, but what’s great about their cocktails is that they’re strong, so a little goes a long way.

We ordered the Muu Tod Kapi and Sai Krok Ampai for appetizers. The Kanom Jiin Dinner (which came with 3 different entree options), and for desert, we were served Coconut Ice Cream with toasted peanuts.  The food, as we trusted, was delicious. And despite it being a fixed menu, we still got a great variety of food to share.

I’m no stranger to eating at Uncle Boons, so going in I knew the food would be on point, and it was! I was a little concerned that they’re portioning for a large group would be lite, but again, Uncle Boons knows what they’re doing. As they started bringing out our food, I realized we had more than enough. We all ate happily, and even had leftovers to spare.

The night turned out great. Uncle Boons was super accommodating and friendly, and everything went without a hitch. Each time I eat there, I’m always impressed at how consistently great they are. I mean, they didn’t get a Michelin Star for nothing.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to hold a group dinner at, I HIGHLY recommend Uncle Boons. They’ll take care of you, and you’ll certainly have a great time.

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