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Sunny and Annie’s is Alphabet City’s best late night sandwich deli

It’s 2AM and you’re starving. If you’re in Alphabet City, of it’s surrounding area, you’re lucky to be within walking distance to Sunny and Annie’s deli. Open 24 hours, this bodega is a quaint spot to pick up some late night groceries or snacks, and had a pretty great deli selection with dozens of sandwich options waiting to be had.

Plopped on the Northwest corner of Avenue B and East 6th street, Sunny and Annie’s delivers hardy sandwiches as a reasonable cost, anytime of the day — which is perfect for those late night munchies.

What makes Sunny and Annie’s so great? Well, first off, the sandwiches are super affordable! And they’re filling! They don’t hold back on the ingredients. Sandwiches run about $8-$11, which for NYC isn’t half bad. On multiple occasions, a single sandwich has been enough food for two separate meals – the first half for my 2AM drunk induced munchies and the send half for lunch the next day.

When you go in to order, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Their menu is a mosaic of suggested sandwich options. Each one hand written on a colored sheet of paper. It will take a minute to process everything you’re looking at, but once your eye lands on a solid prospect, you’re in for a treat. You can also customize any sandwich, or request a completely custom sandwich altogether. They’ll take care of you.

My personal favorites are the East Side Ink, and the Pho #1. Sunny and Annie’s is most well-known for their pho inspired sandwiches. Yes, that’s right, I said pho. Pho is a vietnamese soup, but Sunny and Annie’s have put together a sandwich that captures all the flavors of pho into a sandwich. It’s delicious. And perfect for that hangover you’re trying to get over.

Sunny and Annie’s has a great selection of baked goods as well! A variety of muffins and pastries. Satisfy your sweet tooth too with cookies, brownies, and muffins.

I’m fortunate to be near Sunny & Annie’s to include them in my late night rotation of snacks. If you can make the stop, they’re well worth it.

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