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Review: Are the eggettes at Lee Keung Kee North Point the best in Hong Kong?

As you’re touring around Hong Kong, you’ll start recognizing the distinct smell of eggettes, also know as egg waffles. This is especially true if you’re walking around one of the many popular markets or dense shopping areas such as Temple Street, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay or Ladies Market where street vendors are plentiful.

Made with a simple batter and circular waffle iron, eggettes are a very popular and simple street snack found all over Hong Kong and in China. They’re so simple that you can rarely go wrong. So when I heard about Lee Keung Kee’s Eggettes in Tsim Tsa Tsui in Kowloon as being the best in Hong Kong, I was intrigued

I was interested because unlike newer eggette shops like the nearby Mammy Pancakes or More Eggettes, Lee Keung Kee didn’t have any special flavors like green tea, chocolate or taro; their eggettes were of the  traditional flavor. And that’s more than fine with me, but that made me interested in why so many local and Chinese celebrities stopped by their store.

Thankfully, their little shop is found right off Jordan Road in Kowloon, just a couple blocks from the hotel I was staying at. One night I was walking back to my hotel from the Temple Street Market and decided to stop by Lee Keung Kee’s. Luckily, there wasn’t a huge line like I read about online. The store wasn’t much of a store.

The famous eggette shop couldn’t have been more than the size of a large walk-in cooler. In the front, the woman working the front was friendly and smiley (a great sign considering when small restaurants become popular with tourists, the more irritated the purveyors become), taking orders while furiously making eggettes.

As I mentioned before, eggettes are pretty simple. Unless you burn them, I personally don’t think you can get them wrong. Yes, there’s variation in tastiness, but from my experience the difference between one you paid 12 HKD for vs. one you paid 27 HKD will be in and around the same.

That said, I will admit that Lee Keung Kee’s eggettes were of a better quality. Their bubble waffles were both soft and crispy. They were sweet but not overly sweet. For 22 HKD, it was about 5-6 HKD more expensive than one you would get from a nondescript vendor.

Would I make a special trip for them?  No, I wouldn’t recommend that, but if I’m in or around the area and craving eggettes (which is always), I’d go back.

Lee Keung Kee’s Eggettes
178 Nathan Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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