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NYC Fast Casual Pasta Flyer Review

As fast casual food joints become more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before ready-to-eat pasta made its way into our lunch rotation.

If you like Chipotle and Sweetgreen because of their efficiency and you’re hoping to add a new flavor to your lunch rotation, Pasta Flyer is a great option.

Pasta Flyer, a pasta on-the-go eatery, recently opened up on 6th Ave between 14th Street and 13th. They pre- cook their pasta and have servings portioned out and ready to serve. On my visit, I ordered the meat rigatoni with a side of fried colliflower and a piece of fried lasagna — all to go. It didn’t look very appetizing as they were cooking it, and the portions looked tiny. I was almost reluctant to proceed with ordering because the food, in person, didn’t look all that worth the cost.

Since everything is ready-to-eat, it was a quick in and out and I was on my way home in no time — all the while thinking “For $15 I could have gotten a an entire pizza! This better be worth it.”

When I got home, I dug in, and boy was it delicious!

Okay, it wasn’t the BEST pasta I’ve had, but for a fast casual joint that gets you your meal hastily, though the presentation had a lot to be desired and the color of the pasta looked almost sickly, the flavors were pretty great. And what I thought was a small portion, was actually the perfect amount of food!

Overall: don’t be fooled by how the food looks. It’s delicious. The price is a tad expensive for what you get, but if you’re craving some quick pasta and are on a time crunch, Pasta Flyer is a great option.

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