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Napa Farms Market: When you crave airport food (SFO)

How much do I enjoy the food at Napa Farms Market

I’m so addicted to NFM’s gourmet side dishes that when I have flexibility, I’ll actually schedule my flights around lunchtime because they don’t beging serving their delicious sides until after 10:30 AM. Yes, I have done that. More than twice. Probably more. To add to the insanity, when my flight wasn’t departing from terminal 2 (where NFM is located), I’ve actually walked over to that terminal 2, gone through their security lines just so I can have their chorizo chick peas and fennel on my flight. I’m not ashamed at all. Clearly, I’m writing a post on my shamelessness for Napa Farms Market.

Market vegetable sides Napa Farms Market

To emphasize, going through an airport security line is the part I despise the most about air travel. That’s how much I love Napa Farms Marker.At $5 per side, or $11.95 for a plate of three sides (as of this post). I’ve never had better airport food. I’d really like to try something different, but their beets with walnuts, chorizo chick peas with fennel, and creamy roasted brussel sprouts are too good to deviate from. OHGODIWANTNOW. If my all caps, no spaces statement didn’t hint at it already, I would eat at NFM every day if I could.

The unfortunate thing is Napa Farms Market doesn’t have a presence outside of the SFO as the market is more a showcase of Napa Valley vendors. Nor do “they” have a website. Hopefully someone gets greedy and starts opening more of these because being obsessed with a restaurant in an airport terminal is frustrating.

Napa Farms Market opened in 2011, and in 2013, the market was honored as the fourth best airport restaurant in the world. I’m a firm believer.


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