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La Fabrique Cookies in Paris

La Fabrique Cookies:
520 Rue de Montorguell
Paris, France
Cost: $
Summary: Soft, tasty and 1E each, we recommend stopping in if you have a cookie craving (which is always).

Walking up the Rue de Montorguell, there’s a small cookie store that you might pass up if you don’t take notice of their colorful, playful signage. It’s another reason to always keep you head up. Looking for a place that could sell an espresso shot, I walked into La Fabrique Cookies.

At the time of my visit, they offered up nine different options of cookies in a bakery case. No matter how cookies are laid out, they’re always beckoning to you, but Le Fabrique’s simple setup and the freshly-baked look of their cookies brings you in even more. With flavors like Choco Noisette (hazelnut), Oreo, Choco Lait (milk chocolate) and Choco Noir (dark chocolate), the outside of the cookies look as if they’d be crispy, but when you bite into each, they’re surprisingly soft and dense. And at 1euro per cookie, it’s quite a good deal.

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La Fabrique Cookies
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