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Fiaschetteria in Alphabet City NYC offers a unique menu that doesn’t quite justify the inconvenience of where it’s located

On a rainy night, my partner and I decided to try out Fiaschetteria in Alphabet City since it was just a few running steps away. This was our second time dining here. Our first dinner here was also under the same pretext – a rainy night that neither of us wanted to go too far into in order to eat. After eating here twice now, we’ve realized that despite its quaint atmosphere, and their unique selection of italian dishes that you don’t commonly find at more Americanized-Italian restaurants, the food, for us, isn’t worth going far out of your way for.

Fiaschetteria is located on 11th St between Ave B and C (closer to the corner at Avenue C).

Granted, our flavor preference for italian food leans more toward your typical commercialized Italian fare. Fiaschetteria makes their pasta in house, and their food is very fresh. You definitely taste the quality and thought behind it, which is impressive, though both times we ate there, we were left dissatisfied. Their menu has some interesting options.

We tried the…

INSALATA DI CARCIOFI (artichoke salad), which the first few bites were tasty, but after a while its saltiness became overpowering.

CROSTONE “FAGIOLINO” (chicken liver, prosciutto, mushrooms), which was also too salty. Though, pairing it with the artichoke salad from above provided the balance we needed.

PAPPARDELLE AL RAGU, which was a bit soupy. It felt more like a noodle soup than a pasta.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was the most exciting for us. We really felt transported out of the city, which is something we look for in a restaurant.

Would we go back? Probably not.
Should you go? If you’re in the area and want to have a unique dining experience with interesting food and great atmosphere, yes. But it’s not worth trekking deep into Alphabet City for.

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