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Bean&Bean is a solid and reliable cafe workplace that won’t disappoint

Working remotely can feel isolating sometimes, which makes finding reliable cafes with room to sit and spend the day all the more life changing. I’ve pocketed a few cafes for days I’m feeling particularly anxious and need to get out of the house in order to be productive. I’ll save that list for another post, but on it is a great spot located in Chelsea NYC called Bean&Bean.

There are actually a few Bean&Bean locations sprinkled around New York and New Jersey, thought the one I’ll be reviewing is their Chelsea branch. Find all of their locations below:






What sets Bean&Bean apart from most cafes is their large seating area. It’s designed in such a way that caters to remote workers, a true workspace without having to rent a seat or pay by the hour. It maintains its cafe feel, while accommodating any worker bee that buzzes on in.

I generally prefer the more homey cafe, with seemingly found furniture and that family-owned charm that feels unique and quaint, but those spots are often packed by the time I roll up because everyone and their sister decided not to work at home that day too. Bean&Bean has a very industrial aesthetic, which makes it feel impersonal and cold, but allows you to be productive and focused without getting lost in the atmosphere. There’s plenty of seating too, like huge workspace tables that accommodate a good amount of people, and best of all, plenty of outlets to go around. You get an outlet! And you get an outlet!… No more cramming in a corner praying for that person to leave so you can swoop in for a charge.

The music/ambience isn’t blasting so you can actually get away with having a skype/phone meeting without it being too apparent you’re working from a cafe.

Oh right, the coffee! The coffee is pretty darn good too. It leans to the more expensive end of the spectrum, though the coffee is all organic and they have more options than your standard cafe. Drip coffee runs between $4-$7, while a latte will be about $5. They offer an assortment of baked goods, not anything outstanding but still good. They also have in house made sandwiches which are pretty yummy. I’ve had the avocado toast a few times and I’m always satisfied.

Overall, I hold Bean&Bean pretty high on my list of go-to work cafes. Friendly staff, good coffee, great workspace, it’s a no-brainer. Not much excitement to it, but perfect spot for getting your work done.

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