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Awash Ethiopian Restaurant in NYC offers great food at moderate prices

I’ve been to Awash in the East Village three times now, and each time has been a great experience. Located on 6th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave, Awash has a very homey feel – like you’ve been invited over for supper at a neighbors house. It can feel a bit stuffy when it’s crowded, but it doesn’t lose its charm. The staff are all friendly and welcoming, adding to that neighborly vibe.

If you’re looking for a delicious Ethiopian dinner, Awash is a great choice!

Find Awash on Yelp! Awash has two locations:

East Village

Upper West Side

If you haven’t eaten Ethiopian food before, be forewarned that you’ll be eating with your hands.
The food is served on a platter, so you share everything. If you have a high maintenance friend who doesn’t like their food touched by you or any of your friends, don’t bring them here – they’ll probably lose their mind. I love it. It’s fun to rip off some injera and scrape up some kitfo (beef steak tartar). It’s all apart of the experience. You could order a small platter for yourself, but it’s a lot of food. It’s best to share a combo-platter with a friend/partner. The injera flatbread is what makes the meal so filling.

Awash has many vegan and vegetarian options, so it’s a great place to take your vegetarian cousins who are in town visiting.

For a party of two people, a combo platter with 5-6 selections of wat (stews or dips), is plenty.

Great food and at moderate prices! Appetizers range from $8-$10, and platters range depending on the dish. Each individual dish is around $14-$17. There are combo platters (which is the way I recommend you order) that is priced for the group size. A two-person combo platter runs about $32.95, which is a good deal for a good amount of delicious food.

Not feeling like traveling to the East Village or to the Upper West Side for dinner? Awash delivers! You can order online through,, and

On the fence about it? Do yourself a favor and go!
Enjoy your dinner!

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