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Who are the NBA’s most fashionable players?

Considering how much talk surrounds Russell Westbrook’s style choices, it’s no surprise that the 2016-17 NBA MVP is widely-considered the most-fashionable player in the NBA. That begs the question, who are the other current fashion-forward NBA players? Let’s keep it simple by looking at Sports Illustrated’s Most Fashionable Athlete List for 2017. There were five NBA players in the magazine’s top 20 list.

1. Russell Westbrook
2. LeBron James
3. Dwyane Wade
4. Andre Iguodala
5. Carmelo Anthony

The issue wasn’t lacking NBA players by any measure. In their awards call-out section, they mentioned no fewer than eight NBA players including James Harden (Best Beard Style), Mike Conley Jr. (Most Effortless), Tyson Chandler (Mad Hatter), Chris Paul (Most Likely to Pair Suits with Sneakers), Kevin Love (Classic Man), Kyrie Irving (Attention to Detail Award), Kevin Durant (No Muss, No Fuss), and Jimmy Butler (Mr. Always Fresh).

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