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Pattric Boyle: Bangkok based mens brand brings playful edge to European style

The next stop on tour of Bangkok Designers to shop for is a print heavy brand with a regal flare that nods to European style.

Pattric Boyle

Instagram: Pattric Boyle House (location)

Pattric Boyle ROYAL GARDEN Fall Winter 2016

If you’re into the layered print look with patches and appliques, Pattric Boyle should be on your radar. Florals are a popular print within this brand, leaning into a classical french era of fashion with its ornate swirls and color palettes.

I came across Pattric Boyle while their Summer/Spring 2016 line was available in stores and instantly fell in love with their aesthetic. Needless to say I bought almost every outfit featured in the picture below. The tribal/jungle prints are fun to mix into my daily outfit selections.

PATTRIC BOYLE Spring Summer 2016 “His companion from Maasai”

There is a playful element to all of our featured Bangkok designers that we love.

What we love about Pattric Boyle…

Appliques. Prints. Color.

Pattric Boyle roots their inspiration in early history. Take a look at their newest line entitled “Voyage de Siam”.

Pattric Boyle “VOYAGE DE SIAM” Automne-Hiver 2017

“VOYAGE DE SIAM” Automne-Hiver 2017 inspired from King Narai (The first golden age) the great reigned of Ayutthaya kingdom from 2199 to 2231 B.E. of which there were most trade contacts with western nations. The court of King Narai has strong link with Louis XIV of France. Following Thai heritage, Thai ambassadors were sent to Paris with Foreign Minister Pan (Kosa Pan) as a leader in order to conciliate and establish strong relationship with the Grand monarque of France. And that’s how the inspiration of Fall / Winter 2017 have begun by the voyage of the ambassadors to Paris together with the voyage of pastor de France and the society of Jesus to Siam and to an Indian subcontinents which they was aim to observe an astronomy, physics, geography, hydrography and history of it. The great voyages were written by pastor Tachard and pass on to a book of “VOYAGE DE SIAM” where was another inspiration come from.

If you’re in Bangkok, swing by Siam Center or Siam Paragon (two of our favorite malls in Bangkok) to shop Pattric Boyle.

As of this post, they do not have an official website, but you can follow Pattric Boyle on facebook.

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