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Nick Young A.K.A. Swaggy P is 1st pro athlete with his own line

Swaggy P also known as “Nick Young” of the LA Lakers recently launched his very own independent merchandise line, Most Hated. As GQ puts it: “kinda like Kanye’s Saint Pablo gear or Bieber’s Purpose Tour line—but without the actual tour, lol.”

His nickname implies that he owns his style and swag, and now it’s official! Young’s line of streetwear is affordable, simple, and makes a dope statement.

The line includes hoodies in solid colors with black and white checkerboard designs down the arms, and plain white t-shirts that have a single small emblem (example – “Survived”). Young has been showing off Most Hated merchandise on his Instagram. He calls his line “nothing super special, just streetwear,” which he purposely designed to be affordable and not high-end.

So how did Swaggy P come up with his “Most Hated” brand name? Well, the name first started off as Most Hated Player. Young explained that two years ago his team at the Drew League dubbed him “most hated” because he was always fighting with the refs and his team was constantly getting kicked out.

Turns out being “most hated” actually pays off in the end! Young has become the first NBA player to launch his own independent merchandise line, and he plans on having fun and rolling with it. Take that, haters!

Check out the full GQ article here.

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