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Cav’s Tristan Thompson is All About Planning His Looks

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson hates last-minute fashion choices, and it shows in his dope outfits before and after games. Before road trips, he sits down with his two stylists (who also happen to be his best friends!) and come up with a fashion plan of sorts to coordinate with whatever city he’s in. And Thompson’s strategic planning seems to pay off with his sleek, cool, and collected style that carries over into post-game.

Depending on what city he plays in, Thompson and his personal “team” decides if he should be wearing more recognizable brands or lines. This makes sense because he’s all about being fashion-forward in bigger cities, and he wants to get the word out on his style. But no matter what, you can be sure that his sunglass frames are either vintage or Cartier!

While he wears more suits during the playoffs, Thompson keeps it real with dope brands and bold statements during the season. For instance, for a home Christmas game in California he wore an American Gangster-style fur coat! Talk about bold! He stated “Anyone can throw on a fur, but if you don’t put it together correctly, you’re just going to look like a fool wearing a fur.”

Recently on a Brooklyn road trip, Thompson strutted out in sleek style before the game. In Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses, fly Balmain biker jeans, a cashmere Tom Ford turtleneck, and Common Projects Chelsea boots, he is the epitome of fashion-forward. 

“The turtleneck is cashmere, and it’s Tom Ford, which is one of my favorite brands in terms of their timeless pieces.” said Thompson

We bet Khloe agrees. Read more about Tristan Thompson’s style choices and fashion philosophy at ESPN.

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