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Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin Keeps It Real with Casual Style

Jeremy Lin, the Nets’ point guard, seems to prefer sweat suits over blazers lately. It’s not that he’s opposed to getting snazzed up for formal events; he simply prefers to make subtle fashion statements with coordinating monochromatic ensembles. All-white is a favorite of Lin’s, who describes it as “clean” and “refined.”

Lin isn’t “matchy-matchy” by any means. For instance, he’s been giving his streetwear wardrobe pops of color, like neon pink sneakers. He’s also been known to pair bowtied suits with eye-catching sneakers, especially Nikes. But he admits that recently he’s expressed a more casual style, and suits have taken the backburner: “I don’t think I’ve bought a suit in six or seven years.”

“Most of the time I wear Adidas stuff and it’s pretty casual,” said Lin. “I know my mom and other people have gifted me suits. I’ve bought a lot of blazers [off ASOS], because I’ve been hurt this year.”

Jeremy Lin is no stranger to different forms of fashion. He used to make statements with his outrageous hairstyles. From cornrows and spikes to mo hawks and bowl cuts, the playful Lin isn’t afraid to be bold, daring or even ridiculous with his jet black hair.

The 6 foot 3 player recently expressed his love for sophisticated tonal logo style at the NBA store on Fifth Avenue. Arriving in a black Adidas sweat suit, Lin played it casual and smart. Just like in the court! Check out his spread in Vogue magazine.

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