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Boyplain: The Bangkok-based Mens brand brings polished playfulness

On a recent trip to Thailand, I discovered that Bangkok’s fashion scene is lit. Even better, with the currency exchange, fun fashionable clothes are super affordable and easy to come by. Needless to say I returned to the states with two new suitcases stuffed full of new clothes.

I’ll be sharing my favorite Thai brands over these next few weeks, so stay tuned to learn more about our Bangkok designers to lookout for.

First on our list:


instagram: @boyplain


Currently, Boyplain is not available in stores in the US., however you can shop their website and ship internationally.

Bongkok offers an exciting fashion scene. Pop into any of their high-end malls, and you’ll come across an exciting selection of colorful and unique designs for men and women. There are tons of great local designers to shop, which we’ll share with you soon, but today is about Boyplain.

You can shop Boyplain at Zen Department Store, located at CentralWorld – a huge shopping complex located in the Ratchathewi metro area of Bangkok.

Zen is a fun, contemporary department store that offers a wide range of styles to shop from. You’ll be hearing about Zen a lot over these next few Bangkok posts, so add them to your shopping destination list.

What we love about Boyplain:

Clean. Simple. Humorous.


Boyplain takes modern riffs off 1950s American fashion and preppy ivy league uniforms, taking basics and sprucing them up with interesting patterns, graphics, and colors. There’s an androgynous edge to Boyplain that makes their look fresh.


I’m a huge fan of never sticking to one style or trend. I love mixing and matching genres of clothing to fit my mood for the day. Though Boyplain has a very specific feel, their pieces are *plain* enough to mix around with other brands.


If you’re traveling to Thailand, you’re probably excited by the currency exchange rate and eager to shop your pockets off. By US standards, Boyplain is reasonably affordable to shop. Online prices are a bit higher compared to the prices you’ll find in store in Thai Baht, combined with the in-store promotions you’ll find at Central World and Zen Department store.

If you can’t make it all the way out to Bangkok, check out Boyplain online.

We’re very excited to share Boyplain and cannot wait to see the fun fashions they come up with.

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