Why everyone hates Dorit Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min Why everyone hates Dorit Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Why everyone hates Dorit Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Let’s start this article out by ensuring we’re all on the same page: I fully-realize that “hate” is a strong word.

However, I’ve given this enough (too much) thought  and I’m fully-confident that the emotions I feel are justified: With that out of the way, I would like to confidently declare that I HATE Dorit Kemsley. Let me also state that I probably despise myself even more than I hate Dorit for admitting that I expend any energy disliking her. Now may we count the many, endless ways that I hate Dorit?

If you’re at all familiar with the Real Housewives, you know that a large part of reality series’ draw is the wholly ridiculous lifestyles and petty behavior. At times, it’s fascinating from a sociological standpoint, but most of the time the housewives requires much less brain power than that.

The vast majority of time, you’re mostly sitting in awe of the ignorance, complete lack of awareness, zero empathy, as well as how far many of the Real Housewives have strayed from living, breathing “real” human beings that we all begin to wonder whether we’re all of the same species.

Why I Hate Dorit Kemsley (Let Us Count the Ways)

Even with the extremely low expectations set by Real Housewife behavior, Dorit Kemsley somehow lowers the awful bar so far that it drops that pole-dancing bar into the depths of hell. Her behavior and logic breaks your brain so much that you find yourself unconsciously pulling out your own hair and yelling at the TV (even though you love your TV).

Needless to say — but I’m going to say it because I like saying/typing it — I hate Dorit because she merits being hated. Here’s a handful of the major reasons.

1. Her Bullshit Accent I don’t know how her fake accent isn’t brought up more or isn’t a perpetual storyline. God knows that they’ve stretched out much more boring storylines throughout a season, so not sure where Andy Cohen’s head is. Or maybe the pretension is so at the brim that this is the new normal for them.

Anyways, Dorit speaks with some form of a weird take on a British accent despite not being British or having lived abroad for any sustained amount of time that makes adopting an accent even somewhat believable.

Right. Actually, not right. Bullshit. See #6.

2. Dorit is Clueless and Unaware of any feelings outside of her own. We have dozens of housewives that have passed through the series so there hasn’t been a shortage of horrible people that saw nothing deeper when they looked in the mirror.

Some of those housewives were purposely unapologetic about their selfishness, others were somehow charmingly ignorant, but Dorit somehow transcends these two categories that her complete lack of understanding falls into a category of her own — if you’re reading this Dorit, that’s not a good thing. .

Anytime there’s even a slightly negative situation that Dorit is involved in (and there’s a lot), her face looks as she’s been completely blindsided (and extra-slappable). That’s because Doreeet can’t see the situation outside of how she experienced that situation.

Let’s put it this way, Dorit would punch someone and complain about how much her fist hurt afterward. Not just that, but…

3. Dorit Can’t Admit Fault and blames others. Ad nauseum. To make things worse, Doreeet refuses to look at any of her actions to see how it may have been problematic, but instead deflects and justifies. A la when she said shitty things about Lisa Vanderpump and tried to turn it around and pin it on Teddi.

You said those words, Dorit. Using the punch example from above, she’d blame you for not moving out of the way of her small precious fist or for walking into her fist.

4. Dorit Loves to Deflect And when the other housewives somehow keep Dorit on topic, Dorit deflects by swerving, changing topics, blame shifting or referring to how another housewife did the same thing earlier blahblahblah. Most any other normal human would be forced to reconcile their part in whatever petty discussion they’re having, but she blocks the criticism and blame and redirects that energy toward the person nearest her (or Teddi).

What’s extra infuriating about all this is that a) that she actually thinks these are good points that are applicable b) her deflections are completely transparent and c) that this is a full-grown women using tactics of a four year old that doesn’t know better. Period.

Based on the vast examples available that prove out #3 and #4, Dorit clearly needed someone to teach her how to take responsibility when she was THREE YEARS OLD.

5. Dorit is a Hypocrite In her perpetual state of deflection, Dorit gleefully contradicts herself all the time and is wide-eyed, taken aback when it’s all brought back up and used against her. All of it’s usually within a couple of days. Just wait for it. That’s because…

6. Dorit Talks Waaaaaaaaay Too Much without thinking or concern that no one else at the table has said a word in the last eight minutes. Eight minutes is a long time to sit and listen. I’ll try to keep this concise in a way that Dorit cannot by quoting Erika: “I say important shit, you say too much boring shit”. The keywords here are ” YOU SAY TOO MUCH BORING SHIT.”

In other words: shut the fuck up, Dorit. You’ll be less horrible for it.

7. Dorit is Spoiled I mean, all the Housewives are spoiled in terms of comfort and lifestyle and a good chunk of their behavior falls into this general category, but Dorit again, stands out. Dorit again lowers the bar because she acts and behaves like a spoiled child when she can’t get her way. The most recent example was when she tried apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump, but ended up straddling her, disallowing her to leave and forcing her to listen/accept her apology.

It’s all about Dorit’s needs to resolve in that moment and she doesn’t care that LVP wasn’t ready or wanting it. Not surprised.

8. Dorit is Pretentious Beverly Hills is probably the most pretentious of the all the Housewife franchises, and the fact that it features super-pretentious (but semi-likable) Lisa Rinna, Dorit takes it to the next level.

Drink the stupid champagne out of a wine glass you fucking asshole. And if you don’t want to, don’t be a disrespectful jerk by bringing it up as an issue at someone else’s gathering at their house. Oh, you did already? Of course, you did. Because the only special nights that matter are the ones in which you’re the focus.

Don’t forget to bring up how you and Boy George are so very close!

9. Dorit Can Dish It but she obviously can’t take it (or very much or it). For example, when Camille brought a ball gag as a gift after Dorit chastised Camille for not being able to take a joke about a drunken mention of a “Camille strap-on”. And that’s not mentioning the same gag gift she gave to Erika during the stupid, made-up “pantygate” storyline.

Dorit also can’t handle the Housewives poking for not drinking alcoholic liquid out of the right glass. In my best Dorit British-Aussie accent: Oh c’mon, take a joke Dorit! 

10. Money Defines Dorit and that’s it. She’s pretends to be a respected business woman, but she’s nowhere like Vanderpump, Kandi Burress, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Bethany Frankel, Erika Girardi, or Kyle Richards.

These women are/were self-made or leveraged their fame/money to become something more, but with Dorit, she’s content with where the married money got her. She uses money to justify her horribly selfish, spoiled rich child behavior and any success she has isn’t because of hard work, but because she can throw money at it. Any party or vision can be a reality when you’re not on a budget.

Let’s be clear, she’s where she because of her looks and hasn’t turned PK’s resources into anything else outside of affirming that because of money, she’s better than others.

11. She’s Fought With Everyone: Again, it’s not completely rare when one housewife has a problem with the rest of the ladies, but it’s not commonplace. There’s only a  handful ofhousewives that have fought with every cast member over a couple seasons, so you know you’re extra-terrible when other pretentious housewives used to their warped reality dislike you. Dorit has now had issues with every housewife on Beverly Hills: Vanderpump, Rinna, Kyle Richards, Teddi, Erika, Eileen, and even “friend” Camille. The common denominator? Everyone else, of course!

You can add me to that blame-list (and growing list of commenters). I’ve really disliked Dorit for some time now, but her recent behavior during the “‘gag’ gift” episode was especially inspiring. There’s just so much more to disliking Dorit and I’ll continue adding to this post when the next episode airs — I’m certain she’ll continually surprise me with more reasons. Dorit Kemsley is a very special housewife. #beverlybeech #dor-idiot


  • Daisy commented on March 14, 2018 Reply

    AMEN!!! I absolutely agree on every point. She’s horrible. Ugh. Lacks total self-awareness. God she’s awful.

    • @stuart commented on March 14, 2018 Reply

      Right? She’s truly a terrible and awful human being.

    • JF commented on May 17, 2018 Reply

      Doridiot is my name for her. She drives me nuts. Her poor child who needs his Mother has his nanny taking him to his speech therapy appointments. Sad how self absorbed she is.

      • @stuart commented on May 17, 2018 Reply

        Oh man, DORIDIOT! I love it. #doridiot

    • Thalia commented on April 26, 2019 Reply

      YES!!!!!!! Nailed it. I despise this woman and this article explains why. Perfectly. BRAVO!

  • Amy commented on March 16, 2018 Reply

    Please, please do not bring DORIT back for another season!!!! She is horrible!!!

    • @stuart commented on March 16, 2018 Reply


    • Sue Lynn commented on April 30, 2018 Reply

      I agree 100%! There is NOTHING to like about Dorit and this article is spot on. PLEASE DI NOT bring her back next season!

      • @stuart commented on April 30, 2018 Reply

        you are not alone, Amy! She is really really the worst

  • Denise commented on March 21, 2018 Reply

    Yes! Not to mention she is so fake, she makes my skin crawl! Everything she does is for show. Each reaction planned.

    Not to mention she’s a bully.

    I hate that I have allowed her to irritate me so.

    • @stuart commented on March 24, 2018 Reply

      Totally agree. She is so unaware of how truly awful she is.

      • Marcia Ehlers commented on April 3, 2019 Reply

        I dislike this fake, uncaring, Dorit. She is so full of it , it is just amazing all those housewives are dumb enough to side with her over Lisa. I can’t wait until they realize how ridiculous they sound!!!!!

  • Jacky commented on March 23, 2018 Reply

    Dorit is the worst addition to RHOBH SINCE Brandy. There is nothing interesting about her.

    • @stuart commented on March 24, 2018 Reply

      The only interesting thing about Dorit is the sociological case study of how unchecked privilege can make you less of a human being

      • Jacky commented on March 24, 2018 Reply

        Well put!!

  • Mrs. Longchamp commented on March 28, 2018 Reply

    Please remove this woman from the show. I fast forward through her scenes. I’m sure I am not the only one. Is there anything redeeming about her character? No, nothing. Is she useful in any way? I dare say not.

    • Tiffanie N Mauricio commented on March 20, 2019 Reply

      I fast forward through Dorits scenes too lol. I can’t stand her!

  • Diane commented on April 3, 2018 Reply

    So glad I am not the only one who feels like this about Dorit. She is by far the biggest fucking liar they have had on the show. She says and does nastey things to other housewives and still denies it even though they have it on tape. It’s crazy. She’s like DJT , she thinks she can do whatever she wants and no one will ever call her out on it!!!

    • @stuart commented on April 4, 2018 Reply

      Diane, you are FAR FROM BEING ALONE on this. 🙂 Almost every time she opens her mouth, I fall further into disbelief at how continually horrible, privileged and ridiculously pretentious she is.

  • Samantha commented on April 6, 2018 Reply

    She really is horrible. So horrible she’s not even fun to laugh at, which is just plain unfair. Zero redeeming qualities. Listening to her fake, massively affected accent gives me anxiety.

    • Kathy commented on May 1, 2019 Reply

      Yes! I feel the same way. She’s ridiculous.

  • Emily commented on April 18, 2018 Reply

    I agree and that is how I found this site. Looking up, an I the only person that dislikes Dorit? She makes me I’ll from all her fakeness! I was watching the “going over things” before her swimwear show and the way she was carrying on about the palm trees, curtain, run way etc….all of it.. Made me want to puke! Side note. I Can’t stand PK either!

  • Debi commented on May 2, 2018 Reply

    Hate hate hate her!! FAKE!!! DELIRIOUS AND DELUSIONAL! Liar!

    • @stuart commented on May 2, 2018 Reply

      YES and very unaware!

  • Jack commented on May 2, 2018 Reply

    You had me at #1 Why does anyone believe what Dorit says with her fake accent. Her behavior is deplorable and shallow ….. hence the fake accent to project superiority over others. She should be fired

  • Dor commented on May 3, 2018 Reply

    I watch and wonder…” how come she’s wealthy, she is an idiot!”. Fake, needy and ridiculous…

  • Chrstie Sue Black commented on May 4, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for writing what I was thinking. I record the show and fast-forward over the Dorit drama. This session would have been fun, but Dorit brings her immature ways to each situation. If I were one of the housewife, I would never be caught alone with her, she will twist the conversation and cause drama. Bye, Bye, Bye, Dorit!!!!!

    • @stuart commented on May 6, 2018 Reply

      It was a pleasure writing it and happy that it’s getting so much love! Dorit-haters unite

  • Tina Louise commented on May 9, 2018 Reply

    Agreed. I hit fast forward as soon as she comes on. Her husband is her enabler with an authentic accent. The good news is that there are other shows to watch. I’m done with Beverly Hills until she’s gone.

  • Jy commented on May 17, 2018 Reply

    Literally google searched “dorit kemsley terrible” because after finishing the show last night (last show before reunions), I needed to read that other people recognized thatshe is a bag of awful and i was not alone. First article that popped up, and this did not disappoint. Thanks!!! Hope she gets fired and that her relationship with lvp evaporates. She is so pretentious and fake. I especially hated when she accused Kyle of ruining her bikini night when SHE LITERALLY ASKED KYLE TO AIR HER GRIEVANCES. Such a pot stirrer and hypocrite. Feel bad for her kids. A terrible mom and dad. I hope her business goes down in flames.

    • G commented on March 25, 2020 Reply

      Yes so true. I caught that too.
      Kyle let’s talk about it. …. How dare you bring it up during my night!

      Lisa Rinna thank you for the apology I just want to make sure you don’t talk about me behind my back …literal next scene…Lisa rinna is szcophrenic

  • chris commented on May 17, 2018 Reply

    I love the analogy of chastising the receiver of her punch, because it damaged her hand. BOTH she and her turd of a husband are EXACTLY the same way. Pantygate was OK, but the ball gag was innappropriate because of the surroundings. There is always a reason that she experienced something worse, even though she did the same thing in a prior episode. Both of them act like perpetual victims. It’s repulsive.

    • @stuart commented on May 17, 2018 Reply

      Both of their lack of awareness is worth the price of admission (free)

  • AZ non housewife commented on June 11, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for this. I’m both entertained and relieved to know I’m not the only one googling the key words in your headline. I’m a casual watcher who is binge watching the season now while I’m sidelined by surgery. I want to keep watching cause of teddy, Lisa, and Lisa, (and Camille too) but I had to shut it off due to Dorit. How can Dorit lie about how late she was for Teddy when there were cameras in the restaurant? I often think editing determines how the women are portrayed. Did the crew set up Dorit about the meeting time to create this storyline? Love the addition of Teddy, but can she survive? I want to tell her to run. NY remains my favorite, in each of the ladies I can see and admire that they are all self made. Do you write commentary on all the housewives series?

  • MD commented on August 16, 2018 Reply

    Agree fully. I love her horrible fake accent, she is playing a character because she may be an alien but she is playing it poorly like a bad child actor would at a community play. I actually find PK to be disgusting (and obviously wants Erika Jane – who doesn’t she is amazing) and how he builds up Dorit’s (horrible name) bad behavior is useful to those removed couples who feel they are superior to common folk. The only way they can survive their vapid existence is to justify acting like assholes to have something to talk about. How many nanny’s does she have? And how many actually nanny her? Or which staff member takes off her “human costume” to reveal her alien-ness. ?? P.K. is just a guy who didn’t get laid in HS and needs a decent looking avatar he can control…which is easy with Dorit because there is nothing there other than the vile facade that she fabricated in order to feel unique.

  • Kim commented on January 15, 2019 Reply

    Wow! You probably won’t print this, but I find Dorit entertaining and different from all the others she was a breath of fresh air on the entertainment level

  • Denise commented on January 21, 2019 Reply

    Omg I couldn’t agree more I am just catching up on this season and she is driving me nuts! Ps I googled “fucking Dorit” and got this article! Just wanted to see if everyone hated her as much as I do. Not done with the season yet so maybe things will change but right now I cannot believe Erika is buying her bullshit! And I really like Teddi so far I hope Dorit doesn’t run her off! Hopefully Teddi tells her to fuck off soon!

  • Vickie commented on February 14, 2019 Reply

    extra-slappable… Well said!

  • darcy dibert commented on February 20, 2019 Reply

    She and PK are beyond fake. I’m not even sure they have any money, considering their home is on market and not selling. If Boy George’s comeback is what they are banking on . Boy is awesome….advice….get a new agent. PK and Fake Dorite are spiraling down the drain. Run boy, run!

  • Sherry commented on February 22, 2019 Reply

    Ugh to this couple..she is so fake acting like she’s above the other women. And what she did to teddy shamefully leaving her waiting there and then lying about the meeting time!, and that accent so fake…can’t watch her scenes anymore …fake-fake-fake

  • McBride Cynthia commented on March 6, 2019 Reply

    This season is a capsule on what there is to loathe about Doreeeeet. She adopts not one, but two pups that she is unprepared to raise, chucks them, then changes the storyline to make herself the poor, unfortunate victim. Usually there is something redeemable about Housewives we dislike, but not with Doreeeeet or her equally loathsome PK. Darling children for the moment, but I have every reason to believe they’ll be ruined very soon.

  • paula commented on April 24, 2019 Reply

    I agree 100% but I think Erika is even more disgusting. She is a exobitionist who demands attention and pays for her cheerleaders (her gay men group) with her rich husbands money. There is NO talent in her performance but it affords her the opportunity to flaunt her body. On top of that she is the coldest person alive. She feigns extreme anger when her so is mentioned (??) because she doesn’t know how to behave. I switch channels when she is featured.

  • Catherine commented on May 12, 2019 Reply

    I would add her outfits I the list! Atrocious!!! Who is she paying for her styling. They are so awful and she must feel embarrassed when she sees who she looks on TV.

    • Debra commented on June 5, 2019 Reply

      Dorit is too self absorbed to realize she looks like a fool. Wearing the clothes or should I say lack of clothing is atrocious. She tried to look 30 but instead she looks like a washed up hooker
      I hate Dorit.

      • Patty commented on August 13, 2020 Reply

        They all have worn outfits that leave me/you scratching your head. But Dorit, Erika, Sutton wear the worst.

  • Susan Larson commented on May 15, 2019 Reply

    OMG…it’s like nails on a chalk board when she says “PK”…”PK”?? I cringe just writing those 2 letters.

  • Cristina commented on June 5, 2019 Reply

    Please!Please!!PLEASE get rid of Dorit!! She seems to be on MORE than usual!! i seem to be fast forwarding so much of the show now.

  • Emma commented on June 20, 2019 Reply

    I’m glad I’m not the only person on this planet that can’t stand the dreadful Dorit ! I think she is the most self absorbed overbearing witch! I wish the the producers would get rid of her and her awful husband. They both need (and deserve) a slap and I’d gladly do it!

  • Lynn commented on June 27, 2019 Reply

    Omg I can’t believe I am not the only one who thinks doreeeeeet is an obnoxious little brat!!!!

    Just to be clear, news this side of the pond is that they have no money and in debt up to their eyeballs, not surprising given her spending habits.

    In summary a never has been who wants to be but never will be, and the poor kids will be in therapy before the age of 10

  • Sarah Taylor commented on July 4, 2019 Reply

    Just watching series in England, I’m so shocked how Dorit blatantly lies about what she said or did, and no one calls her out for deflecting the blame onto the nearest victim. She’s so vile it’s really upsetting to see that she has got people lying about what she said… do they forget it’s recorded? I hope she goes as it’s running it for me.

  • Jacqui commented on July 6, 2019 Reply

    Dorit is nothing but a bully especially towards Teddi she should be sacked and publicly shamed

  • Amanda commented on July 10, 2019 Reply

    Dorit talks way too much and I think she doesn’t like it if she isn’t the centre of attention.
    She seems to like to argue with everyone!
    She’s too spoilt like a child!

  • Karen commented on August 5, 2019 Reply

    PK and Dorit are really rude, arrogant and offensive

  • Jan commented on August 16, 2019 Reply

    Everything that had to be said about Dorit has been said, she is an odious vain, classless, snob obnoxious petty woman who basically is jealous of everyone who she thinks is more popular than her on the show & plays one against the other. Ghastly woman

  • Gillian commented on March 25, 2020 Reply

    Her and Erika together are a horrible combination to be on the wrong side of. She is completely delusional and a hypocrite and Erika is deranged. She always talks about raising women up and empowering them and then she pushes the others down.

    Dorit is hypocritical and contradictions are plentiful too. Kyle speak your mind – how dare you speak your mind
    Rinna I just want you to stop talking behind my back. Next scene is of her and PK saying terrible things about Rinna to Teddi.

  • zara commented on August 6, 2020 Reply

    don’t forget, she’s the most two-faced woman I’ve ever witnessed. she says one thing to one woman, and then completely backtracks/contradicts to someone else. she’s a lying, hypocritical, phony. and her husband is also trash. he is a misogynistic, tacky fat pervert.

  • zara commented on August 6, 2020 Reply

    also her style is the most unoririginally gauche. she puts way too much effort in copying kim kardashian with her ‘glam squad’ who are employed to simply copy every kim kardashian instagram post

  • June linnett commented on August 25, 2020 Reply

    Please I beg you fire Dorrit. I have never written a review or any comments EVER
    Lisa runs a very close second to Dorrit how can these women display such poor taste. Not one of them have any class. They make scenes in each other’s homes showing no respect as a guest, and their language! They were totally out of line with Denis’s kids present.

  • Eileen and Rinna killed the show commented on December 18, 2020 Reply

    How is Eileen Davidson a businesswoman? Is she getting spokeswoman deals for Depends I’m not aware of?

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