Why everyone hates Dorit Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills |

Why everyone hates Dorit Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Let’s set the tone here: I fully-realize that “hate” is a strong word. With that said, I’ve given some thought to this and I’m confident that the emotions I feel are justified: I hate Dorit Kemsley. Let me also state that I may despise myself even more than I hate Dorit for admitting that I expend any energy disliking her.

If you’re at all familiar with the Real Housewives, you know that a large part of the draw to the series is the wholly ridiculous lifestyles and petty behavior. Sometimes it’s fascinating from a sociological standpoint, but most of the time it requires less brain power; you’re mostly in awe of the ignorance, complete lack of awareness and empathy, and how far many of the Real Housewives have strayed from living, breathing “real” human beings of the same species.

Why I Hate Dorit Kemsley

Even with the low expectations when it comes to Real Housewife behavior, Dorit Kemsley somehow lowers the awful bar. It breaks your brain so much listening to her that you find yourself pulling out your own hair and yelling at the TV. Needless to say (but going to say because I like saying/typing it) — I dislike Dorit because she merits being disliked. Here’s a few major reasons why.

1. Her Bullshit Accent I don’t know how her fake accent isn’t brought up more. Dorit speaks with some form of a weird take on a British accent despite not being British or having lived abroad for any sustained amount of time that makes adopting an accent even somewhat believable.

Right. Bullshit. See #6.

2. Dorit is Clueless outside of her own perspective. We have dozens of housewives that have passed through the series and there hasn’t been a shortage of horrible people that saw nothing deeper when they looked in the mirror. Some of those housewives were unapologetic about it, others are somehow charmingly ignorant, but Dorit somehow transcends these two categories for her complete lack of empathy. Anytime there’s even a slightly negative situation that she’s involved in, her face looks as she’s been completely blindsided. That’s because she can’t see the situation outside of how she experienced it. She’d punch someone and complain about how much her fist hurt afterward. Not just that, but…

3. Dorit Can’t Admit Fault and tries to blame others. To make things worse, she refuses to look at any of her actions to see how it may have been problematic, but instead deflects. A la when she said shitty things about Lisa Vanderpump and tried to pin it on Teddi. You said those words, Dorit. Using the punch example from above, she’d blame you for not moving out of the way or walking into her fist.

4. Dorit is a Hypocrite Dorit gleefully contradicts herself all the time and is taken aback when it’s brought back up. All of it’s usually within a couple of days. Just wait for it. That’s because…

5. Dorit Talks Too Much without thinking. I’ll try to keep this concise in a way that Dorit cannot by quoting Erika: “I say important shit, you say too much boring shit” said Erika. In other words: shut the fuck up.

6. Dorit is Spoiled I mean, all the Housewives are spoiled in terms of comfort and lifestyle and a good chunk of them’s behavior falls into this category, but Dorit stands out because she acts and behaves like a spoiled child when she can’t get her way. The most recent example was when she tried apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump, but ended up straggling her and forcing her to listen/accept her apology.

7. Dorit Can Dish It but she obviously can’t take it (or very much or it). Case in point when Camille brought a ball gag is a gift after Dorit chastised Camille for not being able to take a joke about a line of “Camille strap-ons” – not to mention the gift she gave to Erika during the stupid, made-up drama “pantygate” storyline.

8. Dorit is Pretentious Beverly Hills is probably the most pretentious of the all the Housewife franchises, and the fact that it features super-pretentious (but semi-likable) Lisa Rinna, Dorit takes it to the next level. Drink the fucking champagne out of a wine glass you fucking asshole. And if you don’t want to, don’t be a disrespectful jerk by bringing it up as an issue at someone else’s house. Oh, you did already? Of course, you did. Don’t forget to bring up how you and Boy George are very close!

9. Money Defines Dorit and that’s it. She’s doesn’t need to be a respected business women like Vanderpump, Kandi Burress, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Bethany Frankel, Erika Girardi, or Kyle Richards. These women were self-made or leveraged their fame/money to become something more, but with Dorit, she’s content with where the married money got her. She uses money to justify her horribly selfish, spoiled rich child behavior. Let’s be clear, she’s where she because of her looks and hasn’t turned PK’s resources into anything else outside of affirming that because of money, she’s better than others.

You know you’re extra-terrible when other housewives dislike you. Dorit has now had issues with every housewife on Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Teddi, Erika, Eileen, and even “friend” Camille.

You can add me to that list — I’ve really disliked Dorit for sometime, but her recent behavior during the “‘gag’ gift” episode was especially inspiring. There’s just so much more to disliking Dorit and I’ll continue adding to this post when the next episode airs — I’m certain she’ll continually surprise me with more reasons. She’s a very special housewife.


  • Daisy commented on March 14, 2018 Reply

    AMEN!!! I absolutely agree on every point. She’s horrible. Ugh. Lacks total self-awareness. God she’s awful.

    • @stuart commented on March 14, 2018 Reply

      Right? She’s truly a terrible and awful human being.

  • Amy commented on March 16, 2018 Reply

    Please, please do not bring DORIT back for another season!!!! She is horrible!!!

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