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What is Locast.org? The local TV streaming app is being sued by ABC, NBC and CBS

If you’re a cord-cutter, then you might be familiar with Locast.org. Locast.org allows users of their app to watch local network channels and the organization considers themselves the “Robin Hood of TV.” However, “Big Media” contends that the company’s intentions aren’t aligned with being “the Robin Hood of TV”.

What is Locast.org?

If you’re not familiar with how they work, Locast.org take local TV signals consumers “are supposed to get for free over-the-air” and distribute these signals through your broadband internet and Wi-Fi. Locast says that they’re just giving Americans what they have the right to receive: free local broadcast TV. The app is available on Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, Google Playy, Direct TV and other popular mobile and streaming platforms.

Currently available in in 17 cities across the United States, they boast about offering local TV access to 41 million Americans.

How Locast can get away with this is they consider themselves a non-profit and there’s a law that was established yearsago that  law clearly states that nonprofit organizations can re-transmit local TV signals. The law was created so that households blocked by buildings, mountains, grain silos and other impediments can still  access free local TV through the use of re-transmitters. Locast is serving this community by transmitting local TV signals via the internet, and offer this service for free — though they interrupt your programming every 15 minutes to request a donation.

Locast.org Being Sued by ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX

Of course, the big networks want to shut Locast down. The parent companies of ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX are suing Locast to prevent them from providing this service.

“Locast is simply Aereo 2.0, a business built on illegally using broadcaster content…. We are confident that like Aereo before it, Locast will be found in violation of the law and shut down.”

Because of this, Locast.org is soliciting help from their users as they prepare for their court case. They want to have users of their service to write up reviews and testimonials so that they can submit them to the court and the court can consider how Locast is serving communities. They want to hear from those that are experiencing the following:

– Why you can’t get an over-the-air signal.
– Why you can’t afford to pay the rising rates of cable and satellite TV just to watch local TV channels.
– How you needed Locast in an emergency to watch local TV weather reports or school closings.
– Or if you physically are unable to install an outdoor antenna.

If you’re a dedicated Locast.org Stan, then you can fill out this form and assist Locast in fighting off this lawsuit.

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