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Jerry Springer The Opera off-broadway is ridiculous and wacky and SO MUCH FUN!

Recently, my friends won lottery tickets to see the off braodway show, Jerry Springer The Opera (currently playing at The New Group) and they gifted them to me and my partner. Our friends had already seen the show and had mentioned great things, so when they offered their lottery win discounted tickets to us, we were happy to accept!

Tickets can be purchased on TodayTix. The lottery tickets were discounted at $35 a piece. Regular price varies, but on average tickets run about $70 a seat.

If you’re familiar with the original Jerry Springer, you’ll remember many of the ridiculous storylines each episode would present. Going in, I expected something outrageous and boy did this show deliver!

If it makes you feel uncomfortable knowing the performers can see you and perform right to your face, be aware. This show feels like you’re apart of it, very much like what the filming of the original Jerry Springer, or any daytime talk show, must feel like, which really adds to the overall experience.

When the show starts, you probably forgot that this is going to be an opera, so when the ensemble begins to sing, you’re floored because you were expecting some outrageous Jerry Springer melodrama, and it’s only heightened by the actual singing of lyrics like “Talk to the ass…”. It’s a wacky and fun mix of styles that really adds interesting layers to the comedy.

I found each character rich with layers and depth, despite how superficial their appearance or storyline was. The show starts off wacky, and by the intermission (end of the second act), it takes a dramatic turn. Act 3 and act 4 go completely off the rails but in a really ridiculous way, and it all comes back full circle for the end finale. It’s certainly an adventure, and you’ll have no idea where it’s headed, but you’ll certainly enjoy the ride.

Our favorite moment was Tiffany Mann’s piece “I Just Wanna Dance”. What a showstopper.

Overall, the show was rich with themes and character types and wants and dreams, I felt like only watching it once was only scratching the surface. I’d definitely go back to see it again to look for more moments I might have missed the first time. It is however, a fairly new production, and it felt as such. There were some wonky bits about the staging and the structure of the show, but it never lost its spirit.

If you like raunchy, blunt, uncensored comedy, treat yourself to this show!

Tickets are available through TodayTix. You can also play the lottery through the TodayTix app to win discounted tickets for the show.

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