Who is Michael Lofthouse? CEO Unleashes Racist Tirade on Asian Family Who is Michael Lofthouse? CEO Unleashes Racist Tirade on Asian Family

Who is Michael Lofthouse? The CEO of San Francisco IT company Solid8 unleashes racist tirade on Asian family

You all might have seen the video of a San Francisco Bay Area CEO unleashing an obscenity-laced, anti-Asian racist comments at a family celebrating a birthday at a restaurant in Carmel Valley, California.

If you haven’t seen it, get ready for a tension headache. Here you are:

As you can see, it began before the video began with the man harassing disgusting comments at the family. That’s when the daughter began filming this inhuman piece of trash. As the phone steadied, that daughter Jordan began egging him, saying “Say that again.” and “Now you’re shy?”

The man is seen about 15 feet away, sitting quiet with his middle finger pointing at Jordan and her family.

As the daughter filmed him with her mobile phone, the man loses control, saying “Trump’s goin’ to fuck you! and then “You fuckers need to leave!

The coup de grace was Lofthouse shouting “Asian piece of shit.

Who is Michael Lofthouse?

That drunken, racist douche bag is Michael Lofthouse, founder of Solid8, an internet technology company based in Los Altos, CA. Oh, you know the San Francisco Bay Area, the region of California where over a third of the population is Asian or Pacific Islander.

(If you are already enraged and want to light up Lofthouse, make sure you go after the right company as there’s another Solid8 — more info on Lofthouse’s company below) 

As expected his LinkedIn and social media have been deleted or taken offline, but the internet is always quicker. That’s helped by the fact that the Internet is not hungover from drunken racist tirades during otherwise nice evenings out at Italian restaurants.

What else about Lofthouse? He lists his skills and experience on LinkedIn with Management Consulting, Project Management, Telecommunications, Lead Generation, but “Lofty” is very clearly also experienced at getting drunk, ability to identify families to harass, and communicates racism across teams, and oh yes, “Leadership Development“.

Also, as referenced in his classy performance, he’s a Donald Trump supporter (SHOCKER). Considering the president’s constant race baiting, civil unrest around police brutality, anti-mask conspiracy theorists and politicizing of the coronavirus, it’s not a surprise fuckwads like Lofthouse come out feeling emboldened.

What a piece of shit. The complete unawareness and irony of a non-American that emigrated to America 10 years ago demanding American-born Americans to get out of America. One of the worst cases of colonial mentality syndrome I’ve ever seen.

On that note, good old Michael Lofthouse must have still had liquid courage coursing through his veins when he got home, or woke up in his car reeking of house wine because he was rage-responding to messages on social media.

If anyone deserves to be cancelled, it’s Michael Lofthouse and his company.

Speaking of his “company,” it’s not much of a one considering Solid8 has one employee and the company’s 2019 revenues were a paltry $ 27,976 according to Buzzfile’s Solid8 company profile. Here’s the contact info for his company Solid8:

Solid8 LLC
167 Las Astas Dr
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Contact: Michael Lofthouse
Title: Prin
Phone: (646) 430-0087
Solids LLC is the only company located at 167 Las Astas Dr,
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Bet you that’s Lofthouse’s home address and not his work address.

One Outburst, Numerous Unfilmed Transgressions

I wish a racist d-bag would try this stuff with me.

How much anger must Lofthouse must feel everyday walking or commuting to work and seeing all the Asian faces? How much shit must he talk about Asians with his friends when cameras aren’t filming him?

How many Asians work have worked for his company (the answer goes both ways)?

How many Asians has Solid8 worked with as clients in the Bay Area and?

The point is that this goes way beyond just random slurs, xenophobic aggression and seemingly random racism on an evening out. That level of anger and comfort level displaying that racism tells me this isn’t his Lofthouse’s first racist rodeo.

In any case, let’s get to work Internet. Let’s make this motherfucker pay for what he subjected the Chen family to on what was supposed to be a joyous occasion, as well as for all the past untold and unfilmed transgressions.


  • JM commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

    Mailbox is full hahahaha! Mickey’s gonna get his bitch-mouth organized. Go back to England, you racist wanker.

    • G commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

      I think he’s Ukrainian.

      • Slavic commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

        No Ukranian has that name. He is British. We don’t want that trash. He couldn’t succeed in the UK so he came to America to use our resources. Deport him via boat but only send him halfway!

        Source: I am Ukranian

    • @stuart commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

      @JM This doesn’t help.

  • MF commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

    He probably wouldn’t try that on you. He would only do that to seemingly defenseless innocent people. Can you imagine he tried that on a table where they had 2 tattooed Asian dudes that looked like they could fight? Nah he would have kept that shit to himself. He probably would have (kept it to himself) normally but our lovely presidents speeches made this bloke “patriotic”. Happy now? America is great again. *eye roll*

    • @stuart commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

      Agree. These type of dudes assess the situation and think they’re tough going after whom they perceive as weak or meek. It’s not a coincidence that the uptick in filmed racism vs. Asians were usually females (no offense females, that’s how most these racists work)

  • TrumpIQ commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

    Ironic. A British that recently immigrated to the USA about 10 years ago, yelling at American Citizens that have been here their entire life.

    Supporting Trump and his racist KKK idea. Did this guy not read the history book? He would be speaking German today if not for the Allies in WW2. I guess he thinks the USA is still part of the British Colony?

    Why would you immigrant to the USA and live in the Bay Area and work in tech where half the people you deal with are Asians???

  • Valerie A King commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

    What a typical Trump supporter as he’s been spewing hatred towards China and Asians.
    what a pig flips them off like a street thug speaks like a street thug now? How did he make his money?
    What a piece of s***The waitress is the hero on the video tape she rocks.

    He is nothing but white trash I don’t care how much money he has and that he stole from people. He is white trash..

  • Becky G commented on July 7, 2020 Reply

    Sadly, the racist’s own sister-in-law is Asian. His niece is 1/2 Asian. His brother & family are expats living in Bali. Could be awkward family conversations in the future.

    If you search the online criminal court records for Napa and Santa Clara counties, you will see Michael Lofthouse has several open cases and sev closed ones. This disgusting behavior may not be new for him.

    One last thing- Loser Lofthouse May having a serious medical issue w his left eye. The peculiar way light reflects off that eye merits medical follow up.

  • Dale commented on July 8, 2020 Reply

    …so, we have the ‘British’ supporting Trump and terrorizing American citizens.

  • David Lipcom commented on July 8, 2020 Reply

    These racists are selective on bullying asians. One day they will run into asian hard-core gangsters and they will regret it….Trust me. I am white and those asian gangsters don’t play.

  • Perfect10 commented on July 8, 2020 Reply

    Hey Michael Lofthouse…look what your racist blackheart just cost you! This is your own undoing…your reputation, credibility, livelihood, employment/business opportunities are so ruined! Hope your racist rant & belief was well worth it! Sounds to me that this Trumpism just fucked you good! You are damaged goods! Your company Solid8 should be called SolidHate! Michael Lofthouse aka “Chad Shithouse” behind the 8Ball. Game Ova Man! Reflect on that!!

    You go back to where you come from! We the people will make sure that your US Citizenship is revoked and you are banned from the US!

  • Candice Tibbs commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

    This is that racist’s website that’s the Solid 8 where the racist is CEO

  • Barbara Vas commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

    Stop blaming President Trump for racist idiots—they are everywhere including the Democratic Party. That disgusting piece of excrement should be sent back where he originated, but they won’t want him back and probably exiled him. I’m sorry that family had to be subjected to his hatred, but they should know that we the people are on their side.

    • @stuart commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

      He didn’t become racist because of Trump, but Trump didn’t help by politicizing coronavirus and escalating the negative rhetoric against Asian countries. I’m not saying that’s you Barbara, but there are A WHOLE LOT of people that are empowered by Trump’s choices and words.

    • KarenKen commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

      Michael Lofthouse has always been a racist and there are racist on both side. Trump just made all the racist comfortable in coming out and expressing their inner thoughts, just as Hitler made Germans comfortable with expressing their thoughts on Jews

      A lot of African American also bought into Hitler’s racism. Even today, DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson are sprewing their racist hate towards Jews.

      Trump, like Hitler, now playing the race card and he’s winning and dominating like Hitler.

      Don’t be like the Jews that you watched in the ole movies in WW2 setting and think, “Why didn’t those Jews leave when they knew Germany was turning against them?”

      This is what’s happening to USA now. I guess those people that left after Trump 2016 were not crazy afterall.

      • Seralee commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

        Well said Karen you hit it right on the head. Trump is exactly like Hitler he’s using racist talk to fuel everyones anger and fear.
        He needs to be voted out! Vote 2020 get rid of all the racist in all of our government offices.

  • AGV commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

    He is the CEO because he is the only employee.

    Found his company on Buzzfile
    Revenue:$ 27,976
    Employees Here:1

    • @stuart commented on July 9, 2020 Reply

      Nice to know @AGV. Updated the post to reflect that.

  • Patricia commented on July 10, 2020 Reply

    As an African American, I feel disgusted with Jackson and the other clown that signed on. Open your eyes, guys, you have more money than brains, so you won’t keep your money long. Read something, get some knowledge about what kind of bigotry is passed around these days. They must both be listening to that idiot Farrakhan.

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