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Who is BBQ Becky? Internet identifies her as Jennifer Schulte with ties to Stanford University

It’s rare that the internet (we looking at you Twitter and reddit) takes so long to identify the identity of an infamous person. Usually the identity of the person is revealed minutes after the video goes viral, but for whatever reason, it took longer than two weeks for Twitter, reddit, and team Internet to identify the woman known only as BBQ Becky. But Twitter came through. If this tweet is right, then her name is Jennifer Schulte and she apparently is a Dcotor with some ties to Stanford University.

The university immediately distanced themselves from BBQ Jenny.

Who is Jennifer Schulte?

This is all alleged at this point, but the internet is certainly onto something as Schulte’s LinkedIn page is now deleted. However, this being the internet, the info was screen capped and caught. Before being taken down, her profile said that she is a Senior Project Manager Air Quality” for a company called ERM. ERM is an acronym for Environmental Resources Management and here’s the company’s website.

Her LinkedIn said she is a “Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Chemical Engineering from Stanford”

Previously known as the racist Oakland woman that called the cops on Black people BBQing, Schulte is allegedly the white woman who phoned the police on Black people that were having a barbecue at popular Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. For days after the video garnered millions of views, no one still was able to come up with her name, so the Internet knighted her with the nickname “BBQ Becky.” The first part being self-explanatory and the second representing the popular nickname for a basic women that’s usually white. Here’s the video that caused the uproar:

The incident occurred on April 29th and was filmed by a witness named Michelle Snider, who arrived midway through the problem.

Isn’t it completely horrible that Schulte was so stern and firm when on the phone with the cops then started bawling when the police arrived? I’m not an expert on crying or tears, but her sobbing didn’t seem real at all.

Now that the internet has come through with her name, I imagine she’ll get the same harassment that she subjected. The internet never loses, y’all.

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