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What is Boeuf (Beef) Bourguignon?

If you’ve traveled to France, you’ve probably seen Boeuf Bourguignon on the menu but might have been afraid to look like a fool attempting to pronounce it (May I have the… bofe borgnanon?) without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Pronounced: bəf ˌbo͝orɡēˈnyôn

Beef Bourguignon is a classic French dish of diced beef braised in a beef broth and red wine sauce typically with garlic, onions, and mushrooms. Similar to a beef stew, commonly served with mashed potatoes, bread, or fresh vegetables.

“A la Bourguinon” is a dish that is will likely feature meat or poultry which is braised in red wine along with mushrooms, onions, and bacon. So you may also come across Chicken Bourguignon.

It is a traditional French meal, so if you see it on the menu in France, definitely try it out! It’s not as adventurous as escargot, but it is a hearty meal if you’re in the mood for something heavy.

While visiting Paris recently, I saw this on the menu at Les Philosophes, a quaint restaurant/cafe in Le Marais which served Boeuf Bourguignon. I didn’t quickly recognize this dish from the version I know back in the states, so I was a bit confused at first but ordered it anyway. It was delicious, though a bit fatty.

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