So, what is a dab cart exactly? | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min So, what is a dab cart exactly? | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

So, what is a dab cart exactly?

Do you want to start vaping with a dab cart but don’t know how to do it or whether they’re even safe? All these smok replacement glass are a must have and a high-quality vape accessory for every vape kit. Learn the definition of a dab cart and what’s included in your standard dab cart. We’ll attempt to cover everything you need to know about dab carts in the article below and update it as we have more information or come across new products or research.

What is a Dab Cart?

Dab carts or vape carts are cartridges that are used along with a THC vape. According to, ‘Vaping has exploded in popularity amongst both medicinal and recreational cannabis users’, thanks to its powerful effects and safety. They are far safer than other methods, like buds and joints, because they use the same tech of e-cigarettes, which doesn’t cause smoke. It produces instead a light mist with the THC oil inside the cartridge. Other versions of dab carts also contain cannabidiol. CBD is currently being researched for therapy without the psychoactive element.

If you’re saying “Hey that sounds like a vape cartridge” then you’d be right except a dab cart is a casual way of referring to vape cartridges use specifically for THC and CBD.

Are Dab Carts Safe?

Even though most of them are safe, some people ensure that none of them actually are. Still, even Amanda Chicago Lewis, a Journalist from wrote ‘considering all that I know about what goes into the pens I see on the shelves at my local dispensary, that’s a little nuts‘. 

The chemicals or additives used along with the THC or the materials from the cartridge are just the first considerations. Other elements that come from the very farm, like the use of pesticides and more alike are also an important point. Take a look at this video from cannabis expert and Youtuber xCodeh for more information on the dab cart industry.

This doesn’t mean that dab carts will kill you. However, what is highly important is that you get your dab carts from formal, serious, and trustworthy dispensaries. We highly recommend you to avoid cheap prices and go full-price instead and from legitimate marketplace like physical dispensaries. To get the best portable vaporizer for your CBD or THC carts, visit

The Cost of Real Dab vs. Fake Vape Carts

So how much does a legit vape cart cost? Usually 0.5 grams cost around $40 to $80, or even more depending on where you are. Still, they make up for a good investment since you can easily use them more than 100 times. In the video above, xCodeh says that the one surefire way to know whether you’re buying a fake cart or not is if it costs less than $40. He asserts that any dab cart you get for that price point or lower is very very likely to be fake. Easily Order Weed Online through the best dispensary in Canada.

How to Use a Dab Cart?

To use a TCH cartridge you’ll need a cannabis vaper or vape pen. A vape pen is basically a heat source that produces the exact amount of heat so THC oil becomes mist. Find the best dry herb vape in this store and have fun. Simply, connect the cartridge to the top of your vaper (make sure it’s compatible) and start using it with the instructions of your specific model. Nowadays, most Puff bar wholesale pens use a simple button. Using it, you can turn it on, adjust the heat, inhale, or turn it off. After that, just kick back and chill to the effects of THC.

Dab Cart Applications and Legality.

The use of dab carts is mostly recreational. However, there’s proof that its medicinal use helps with some issues like pain and anxiety. This is still under debate in some places around the US, so make sure to be in a place where it’s legal before consuming it. In America, only Washington and 11 states in the whole country have a fully-legal state for the consumption of recreational and medicinal weed:

  1. Alaska.
  2. California.
  3.  Colorado.
  4. Columbia. Illinois.
  5.  Maine.
  6.  Massachusets.
  7.  Michigan.
  8.  Nevada.
  9.  Oregon.
  10.  Vermont.
  11.  Washington.

The rest of the US is divided between fully-illegal and 33 states with mixed-status (legal for medicinal use, but not decriminalized). In Canada, it’s fully legal since 2018. According to, ‘Mexico’s Supreme Court also ruled that marijuana’s prohibition is unconstitutional’, which means it’s just a matter of time for it to be legal in Mexico as well.

No matter the legality or assumption of safety, always take proper measures and procure your carts from proper channels before vaping with vape carts, and do it safely. 



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