The 4 most influential board games in history | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min The 4 most influential board games in history | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

The 4 most influential board games in history

The history of board gaming is long and storied. This form of entertainment has been around for a long, long time. Proof of this can be found in games like Chess, Senet, and Ur carved out of stone and buried with ancient rulers. The modern board game landscape has these old games to thank for its existence.

Many of us can probably remember some popular games that don’t exactly belong to the modern board game genre, such as card games such as Yahtzee and Uno. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular tabletop games of all time. Some have aged like fine wine while others haven’t at all, yet we can learn something from all of them.


It is clear as day to anyone who knows anything about board games that Life is one of the most popular representatives of the genre ever. In case you’ve never played it, the idea is simple — you want to finish the game having more assets than your opponents do.

The rules may differ, but the basic concept remains the same. Spin the spinner and make decisions at the crucial intersections, which represent the moments that influence the way your life will play out.


It would be very difficult to find someone who has never played Monopoly. We’ll explain the concept of the game, just in case, though. You roll the dice and buy the properties that you land on. Once you own those properties, players that land on them have to pay you, and eventually, people run out of money. The last person standing with some cash in front of them wins. If you really want to earn some real cash while enjoying at the same time, go to W88.

There’s no question about the cultural impact this game has had over the years. Recently, the game’s publisher, Hasbro, has even released a casino variant of the game that you can play with real money online. If you’re interested, check out this blog post on how to play Monopoly Live.


This hugely-popular wargame came to existence in the late ‘50s. The focus of the game is, again, simple, since it relies on one of the oldest human ambitions at its core — world domination.

For many of you reading this, Risk was the first game to deal with concepts like area influence and control, which laid the groundwork for many of the now popular world domination games like Twilight Struggle or Axis & Allies. We owe Risk some gratitude for that alone. Download more android mods games from this website and have fun.


It would be unfair to talk about the most influential board games in history without mentioning chess. The best-selling game of all time has been around this long for many reasons. There are practically endless ways in which you can play it, thanks to the sophisticated movement rules and variable player skills.

Chess has a following like no other game before or after it. Die hard fans have gone on to become Masters and Grand Masters of the game, and even global celebrities in their own right. Chess isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we should be happy to let it stay a while longer.

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