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So why did Aaron Hernandez kill Odin Lloyd?! (Why the Netflix doc was so frustrating)

You might have come across this post because you just finished the three-part documentary Netflix Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez and had the same question.

So why did Aaron Hernandez end up murdering Odin Lloyd?

Over 200 minutes/three hours worth of dissecting “the mind” of NFL star Aaron Hernandez and a large chunk of the documentary dedicated to Odin Lloyd’s connection with Hernandez, the documentary completely failed in addressing a reason why Hernandez might have taken Lloyd to an industrial park approximately a mile from Hernandez’s house and shot him.

More Questions Than Answers

The documentary vaguely insinuated something made Hernandez angry when the two were out at the club one night. An eyewitness watched a visibly angry Hernandez glare in Lloyd’s direction while the two were in the club, but didn’t get any deeper than that stare.

The film later mentions that LLoyd may have caught Hernandez in a “compromising” position. That was intimated as the reason why Hernandez may have set out to murder his sister-in-law’s boyfriend. Sorry, but that equates to a throwaway comment and isn’t nearly enough nor sufficient enough for a three hour documentary that spent a third of it’s run time on Odin Lloyd, their friendship, their friends, the case, the appeal, and more.

After 201 minutes, what we come out with for a motive is a mere suggestion that Lloyd may have caught Hernandez with another male? That’s fine if that’s all you could muster, but give us some closure by giving us more. And if giving us more is admitting you don’t know the motive of the killing then just come out and say it. Don’t disrespect your audience who invested all that time and attention into better understanding the case and documentary, especially one that promotes itself as delving into the mind of Aaron Hernandez.

I guess I could have read the Wikipedia entry instead.

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