Millennial Culture: Here's what's "In" and what's "out" | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min Millennial Culture: Here's what's "In" and what's "out" | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

Millennial Culture: Here’s what’s “In” and what’s “out”

When we look at the baby boomers and the generations to follow, each one has had unique characteristics that defined their attitude and ethics. Millennials, on the other hand, are the fastest changing culture that accepts and rejects trends nonchalantly and every so often.

When the next generation, whatever it will be called, will look back at the Millennials, it will be hard to point out what is it that they brought to the table. Undoubtedly, the Millennials have changed the work culture, which has become more about passion and interests than making money. Moreover, there’s a casual aura about the Millennials that is almost infectious — some would say “viral” due to the constant presence of social media and cell phones.

They definitely have their share of issues in front of them, but the Millenials are sometimes misunderstood with a certain allure to their generation that is inimitable.

However, it’s always interesting to witness the passing trends that are adopted and sometimes discarded by Millennials. Moreover, it will be thought-provoking to see if these cultural phenomena, once rejected by the present generation, are gone forever or if they will once again return some day in a new avatar.

Out – Love Locks
It was only a short while back that love locks were the latest thing to do when travelling to a new place. Buying tiny metal locks, engraving them with your initials, maybe a heart, and then hooking them up on bridges seemed like a novel idea at first, but soon enough got out of hand. It didn’t take long before people started doubting the reasoning behind the love locks, and if at all they symbolized love.

There were cases where the weight of the locks damaged properties, and now cities are banning love locks, and putting a stop to this menace finally. For the Millennials though, it doesn’t matter because there is unquestionably a new idea already in motion somewhere in their minds that will replace this one.

In – Online Casinos
Online casinos are no longer in a cloud of doubt, nor are they a fad. Instead, online casinos are a way of life, and the Millennials have been great in adopting the thrill of making money while on the move, over the last couple of years. With technological advancements, it has now become a lot simpler to be online and play any game to your heart’s content.

Moreover, since this new generation loves to have everything in their hands, online casinos have taken a step further by making favorite games like slots and blackjack available on mobile devices. In addition to this, they have enhanced the more social games such as online roulette and poker in such a way that friends and family, or strangers, sitting thousands of miles apart can now play together, instead of incurring the costs of travelling to a common destination. If the Millennials like one thing, it is ease of earning money while
having fun, and online casinos tick all the boxes in this case.

Out – Brands
The brand culture is slowly on its way out. While the Millennials are conscious about fashion, to an extent, they don’t fret over it too much. Comfort and price are more significant factors, and they are equally happy wearing a fake brand t-shirt, copping sale items from fast fashion brands like Zara, with pride as they are wearing an environmentally friendly one.

The idea here is to be individualistic and non-judgmental about fashion, and that is one thing that is much appreciated.

In – Travel
Travel is the backbone of the new generation who has taken to it with gusto (and millions of Instagram photos). It seems that all the Millennials were born with an itch in the feet, to move around and discover new countries, as long as their peers have been there first.

Once again, very much like the brand culture, they are quick to dispose of popular destinations and prefer instead to explore smaller, more offbeat locations that come with character and a sense of splendor. This has led to a boom in worldwide travel and is also one of the reasons why it is now the biggest emerging start-up industry among the Millennials.

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