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Who is Jacob Bixenman? A quick primer on Troye Sivan’s long-term boyfriend

Troye Sivan is a major queer artist that has produced several hit songs and collaborated with fellow pop stars Ariana Grande, Charlie XCX, and Lauv. He also had a great acting debut in 2018’s Boy Erased.

With all that exposure and visibility, Sivan has humbly taken to all of the stardom with his feet on the ground and genuine appreciation.

Although he’s not comfortable with the idea of a being referred to as a gay icon, unlike other gay men in the public eye, Sivan’s thoughtfulness and understanding of the community’s diversity ironically makes him worthy of actually being looked up to.

“The LGBTQ community is so unbelievably diverse and looks like so many people, and to be picked as one of the ‘faces’ of the community, it made me really uncomfortable,” he told Vogue.

Does Troye Sivan have a Boyfriend?

With his attractive features and the spotlight on him, he’s not only looked up to as a role model but a subject of adoration. That usually has Troye Sivan fans searching the internet and one of the first searches is about his love life; specifically whether or not Troye has a boyfriend or significant other.

As cute as this video is of Twitter users asking him questions, this didn’t answer the question despite it being asked. Makes sense, since this was posted in 2015 and Troye was coy about his love life.

Who is Jacob Bixenman?

If you don’t know much about Sivan, then the internet will quickly inform you that Sivan has been in a long-term relationship with Jacob Bixenman. Let’s get down to it since it’s very much public knowledge that Sivan has a boyfriend.

Sivan has been dating Bixenman for three years which the two celebrated their anniversary on February 11th of this year.

The 25 year old Bixenman was born on May 27, 1994 and is a model being represented by Ford Models and IMG and was featured in a VMAN as a top male model to look out for in 2017.

And ir was at a fashion show that Troye and Jacob Bixenman first met in 2016. The two went on a couple dates, taking it slowly due to the two’s schedule.

“It was gradual, but, just as far as labels go, it’s pretty much since the day that I met him,” Troye told U.K. based Attitude magazine in 2018 when asked when they began dating. “We have seen each other almost every day, unless I’ve been travelling or something.”

Since then the couple moved in together in Los Angeles where Bixenman is also a photographer and filmmaker. They live together with his dog Nash. Not a surprise considering that Bixenman isn’t just his boyfriend, but Sivan has also called him his “best friend”.

“(Jacob’s) got like a kind of energy about him, a magnetic sort of energy,” Troye said when asked what attracts him to Bixenman. “I think people can’t help but love him. He’s just got one of those personalities that draws people in.”

Obviously, Bixenman feels the same about Sivan. When he was asked of his first impressions of Sivan when they first met, he told Vogue in a video interview “My first impression of Troye was that he was confident and very sweet, and pretty chill” as they shared a loving glance.

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