Racist Recruiters: James McMahon sends Asian applicant 'Me love you long time' meant for co-worker Brian Haugh Racist Recruiters: James McMahon sends Asian applicant 'Me love you long time' meant for co-worker Brian Haugh

Chicago recruiter James McMahon accidentally sends Asian-American applicant ‘Me love you long time’ meant for co-worker

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Connie Cheung, a Chinese-American woman said she received a response to her email application for a position as an “Office Mansger Marketing Assistant” role from a recruiting manager named James McMahon that read, “Me love you long time.”

MaMahon who was the idiot Recruiting Manager at Chicago Search Group (of which we won’t link to) had accidentally replied to Cheung with the racist, insensitive response which was meant for his co-worker Brian Haugh. The phrase “Me love you long time.” originated from the 1987 movie Full Metal Jacket from a Vietnamese sex-worker, but what’s clear from their responses to inquiries about their behavior, McMahon and Haugh can’t be bothered to differentiate their racism.

Basic Understanding of Race = Low Level Non-Apologies

“It was an insensitive, inside joke only meant for my partner,” McMahon said to Block Club Chicago. “It was an insensitive comment, I realize that. It was a racist comment, I realize that …I had no racist intentions. I’m not racist, I’m certainly not sexist.”

They continued their basic racism defense 101 responses saying that their firm has hired a diverse workforce which happens to be “Asian, Black, gay, Spanish descent,” Oh yeah but how many times have inside jokes occurred before each of those hires and how many inside jokes have been made after those hires?

Not to mention the workplace atmosphere created by these two racist buffoons.

It doesn’t stop there. Haugh went on with the mind-boggling rationale, and simplified understanding of race by saying  “Given those facts, a responsible reporter would ask, are these hires/relationships of a racist person/organization?”

“With all due respect, I am focused on bigger problems than your friend being offended by a movie quote,” Haugh wrote, according to an email given to USA Today by Cheung. What a piece of shit. In case you run across this post and considering Chicago recruiting firms, may we suggest you not use the Chicago Search Group nor one of these two racist dip shits:

In Short, Brian Haugh and Jim McMahon are Ignorant Racists

By the sounds of McMahon and Haugh’s responses, instead of being genuinely sorry or apologetic for being ignorant racists in professional setting they all but dismissed their actions and wanted to moved on because they can’t even understand what they did wrong.

We’re 100% certain that they learned nothing about this other than not get caught the next time. And we’re here to do as much as we can to ensure this isn’t filed away and forgotten.

“Asian females have always been sexualized because of their history with Western males,” Cheung said. “It’s gross. That specific phrase is sexual. It’s not just toward my race, it’s sexual. That’s all I could think of, was, ‘Why? It’s 2019.’“

No amount of diversity trainings would do either one of these two any good. We’d wager that Haugh and McMahon would sit in the corner and mock it. We don’t care how boring your fucking job is, no one deserves to be on the end of your low IQ ignorance.


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