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It’s true, black and white classic Converse Chuck Taylors go with everything

Unless it’s a black tie event or you work in a traditional industry like finance or consulting, we contend that the most flexible shoe option out there is the a Converse Chuck Taylor in either black or white. We put some thought into this and uou just can’t go wrong with White Chucks or black Converse All-Stars.

These traditional kicks look great with jeans, can be worn as business casual, or complete a fashionable colorful spring (or fall) outfit. Even if your black or white CONS featured a little design on these traditional sneakers, it only serves to add a little personality to your outfit.

Personally, we prefer black for the simple reasons that we think it’s more flexible than white and doesn’t show wear and tear as a bright white Converse would. However, if you’re vacationing in a hot and warm environment, then white not only would be more appropriate fashion-wise, but would do a better job of keeping things cooler. No matter what, they both look good with everything so it comes down to personal preference and the situation in which you are wearing them.

Converse is currently selling a classic collection featuring these two neutrals with approximately sixty different styles and designs.You can check all the black and white Converses out here at

You can also get colorful and cop some blue, purple, red, pink, green, yellow Converses, neon, transparent and more – Converses come in every color imaginable.

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