The best camouflage Converse shoes on the market | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min The best camouflage Converse shoes on the market | Covering the Intersections of Race, Culture, Sexuality, and Fashion | 48min

The best camouflage Converse shoes on the market

Converse shoes are a classic for a reason. This versatile shoe can work with all sorts of outfits, ranging from dressy to casual, and it is also extremely comfy. As much as we love standard black and white Converse styles though, lately we have been getting interested in some of the bright colors, fun prints and exciting collaborations the brand has been putting on the market.

One of the more interesting options that gives a slight edge and masculinity to your look are the camouflage prints the company has been creating. Here are our favorite styles of camo Converse shoes.

Classic High Top Camo Converse These shoes are the traditional “Jack Purcell” style Converse with the iconic round badge on the ankle. The standard Converse print with a muted beige background and green and black splotches is distinct yet versatile. It pairs well with many different shades of neutrals and some brighter hues like red and yellow. Check the new line form

Beige Camo High Top CONS If you love the look of camouflage but want something a little more subtle, then you’ll love these Converse. They have an edgy high top design that pairs well with shorts, skirts, and jeans, and an all-beige version of camo. The pattern in contrasting shades of taupe and tan makes the shoes a neutral that matches just about any color.

Classic Camo Converse Low Tops These shoes have a lower profile that shows off some of the ankle. They can be a great choice when you just want a basic shoe in camo without any frills or elaborate designs. The traditional green and black camo print is bold and colorful, so it definitely brings a fun camo vibe to these Converse.

Pink High Top Camo Converse If you love girly shoes, these Converse are a great option. The print itself is similar to the standard Converse camo, but instead of being green and black, it is all shades of pink on a pink background. The end result is a fun camo shoe that looks just as good with hot pink prom dresses as it does with jeans and a tee.

Micro Camo Converse This print is the traditional green and black color, but it does not have huge splotches. Instead, the camo print used for these fun high tops is much smaller patches of camo. Since the print is not quite as large and powerful, these shoes are a fun and unobtrusive way to work camo into any outfit.

Greyscale Camo Converse When you want a camo Converse as neutral as possible, give these greyscale Converse a try. The camo pattern is a subtle blend of charcoal, grey, black, and silver that matches anything. You can wear them while going for a long hike, or running simple errands. Really flexible.

Camo Trim ConverseĀ  High Tops These military inspired camouflage Converse have an olive green canvas upper with a tan sole and a rim of camo print around the padded ankle. The barely-there camouflage adds a fun touch to the otherwise drab shoe, creating a high top that is practical yet stylish.

Pink Patchwork Camo Converse We love that these shoes mix in pretty pink camouflage with a bunch of other great patterns. The upper part of this shoe mixes various patchwork swatches in camo, houndstooth, and other great prints to create a bohemian looking shoe that pairs well with flowing maxi skirts and long bead necklaces.

Red Ombre Camo Converse This fun color combination lends a gothic touch to high top Converse. They start with a black and red camouflage print at the top of the shoe that gradually fades to a solid black along the sole. We love how dramatic and bold these shoes look.

Green and Pink Camo Low Top CONS When you want something a little feminine without getting bubblegum pink camo Converse, these are a great option. This camouflage print from Converse combines soft pink with olive green and taupe patches. The end result is a surprisingly delicate version of the Converse camo shoe.

Leather Camo Converse (Limited Edition) This collector’s edition Converse shoe has an upper made of sturdy leather. The leather is handpainted with a speckled green, blue, and tan camouflage that looks abstract and artistic. Wear it with sweatpants or leggings for a bold, sporty look.

Gorillaz Green Camo Converse The last item on our list is this incredible limited edition Converse created in a collaboration with British band Gorillaz. This fun take on traditional camouflage has the usual green on green color, but the speckles are more angular and geometric than usual camo. These artistic shoes are highly sought after among Converse collectors.

We have so much love for the cartoon-version camouflage of the Gorillaz collab. As you can see, there are all sorts of great camo print Converse sneakers to pick from. Are we missing any and which ones are your favorite?

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