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Converse celebrates Batman’s 80th anniversary with Batman x Converse collection

Converse, one of the most versatile shoe brands, released the coolest superhero shoe collection of the year; the Converse x Batman 80th anniversary. Without hidden messages, Converse dedicates this ode – in the form of three pairs of shoes – to one of the greatest comic books of the last century. The DC superhero, his trusted sidekick, and his deadly nemesis are the stars of these pop-culture filled shoes. With a colorful representation of the comics, specifically from the 50s through the 70s era, these shoes are set to amaze all of the geek hordes. 

The most ambitious Converse superhero shoes.

Coincidentally the shoe collab was put out a couple weeks before Batman’s arch nemesis standalone film Joker (who would have bet with Royal Vegas casino games that the film would have shattered so many box office records in its first weekend), Converse released six different pairs of shoes, showcasing also their three signature designs. Two Chuck 70s, two low-tops, and finally a couple of high-tops All-stars. They come with different designs worth of collectors.

Converse x Batman: leaping through time.

Starting with the oldest representation, we have one of the low-tops, with some of the different ‘Batman’ logos, and evolutions of the later between the 40s and 1886. Next, we have one of the All-Stars high-tops, featuring artwork from the 50s. In them, we can see the mighty hero and his faithful sidekick. 

The other high-tops are next in line, featuring artwork that plays with the cover of Batman #190, released in 1967. The most simple design appears on the Chuck 70s. Both of them showcase a logo from the series, first released in the 70s with pink and yellow over different canvases. 

Our top Converse x Batman pick.

Last but not least, our definite favorites design-wise. The last pair of low-tops, which feature the Joker from its appearance in Batman #251, from September 1973. According to an interview with Mathew Sleep, who is a Converse Footwear Designer, picking the favorite of this collection “is like picking your favorite child!”

Head up to, sign up and wait for them to be available. Are you ready to show the true geek inside you?

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